2020 in review by HandiFox

2020 in review by HandiFox

December 22, 2020

You don’t need us to tell you what 2020 has been like. Let’s just say we are relieved to see it go. No matter how many challenges it’s thrown at us, there’ve been good things, too. Let’s see what’s on our 2020 highlight reel.

Lots of small businesses stayed functional amid the pandemic and we had a part to play in it

When many businesses realized they would have to rework the way they operated root and branch, HandiFox users didn’t have to change much. Mobility is intrinsic to both HandiFox Desktop and HandiFox Online empowering small businesses to keep the work of all the departments in sync. Whether you are taking customer orders, checking products’ availability, receiving new inventory into a warehouse, packing an order or invoicing a client – you can do it from your mobile device. This being said, a working space doesn’t have to be crowded – people can take shifts and get their jobs done either way. We are happy to have been keeping so many small business hearts beating throughout those tough times.

More business owners attended our online events to learn how to streamline their operations

One of the takeaways from the blows of 2020 was that you need to optimize and automate in order to stay strong in the face of changes, and move the needle. We have co-hosted two webinars – one with Scott Gregory, a QuickBooks expert, and the other one with Ace Cloud Hosting, a QuickBooks-certified hosting company. We talked about the ways to adapt QuickBooks Desktop to the new circumstances and expand its inventory functionality seamlessly.

HandiFox Online users enjoyed a whole bunch of improvements and new game-changing features

●       The counting process was enhanced thanks to the increased speed of item list processing.

●       The save filters features accelerated the search through items and transactions.

●       Filling out product info became automatic when scanning an item’s barcode for the first time.

●       Reorder rounding was added to facilitate quick and effortless replenishment and receipt of bulk-packaged inventory.

●       Bin location tracking was introduced to save warehouse workers time, and maximize the efficiency of order picking.

●       Optima, the new HandiFox Online plan, went live in 2020 to provide our users with more options functionality- and cost-wise.

The wish of those looking forward to see HandiFox work on iOS device was finally granted

The HandiFox mobile app for iOS was a long-awaited release. The app offers a reworked look and a revamped user experience – it’s not the HandiFox you are used to. The convenience is complemented by the feature set of the Android app – multi-location tracking, inventory transfers, purchase orders, inventory intake, a much more accelerated counting, sales order generation, and invoicing. Stay tuned for more features coming in the first months of 2021.

Cannabis companies can start automating their compliance and daily operations through Greenventory by HandiFox

In over 10 years in the small business ecosystem, we’ve dealt with an immense diversity of companies and come to understand their general and more specific needs. As the legal treatment of cannabis shifted, the cannabis market started building up. We at HandiFox figured that our expertise could help those companies unlock their potential by automating their business operations. We ended up launching Greenventory which not only automates cannabis inventory management, but also compliance with the centralized track-and-trace system. Developing something new for such a young and promising industry has been a journey worth making.

There is even more to look forward to in the new 2021. We would like to warmly thank our clients and partners for the past year and wish everyone a safe 2021! Happy holidays!

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