2022 in review by HandiFox

2022 in review by HandiFox

December 20, 2022

HandiFox Online kept the ball rolling for SMEs

For small inventory-centric businesses new to QuickBooks Online or those transitioning from QuickBooks Desktop alike, HandiFox Online continued to up the ease and transparency of inventory management. Among the handiest features were

  • The ability to associate products with images in the web and in iPhones/iPads
  • Adding new items on iPhones/iPads
  • Scanning barcoded items into a manufacturing order
  • Blocking transactions with miscounted lots/serials
  • A manufacturing report reflecting materials usage over a period of time 
  • Reading GS1 barcodes on iPhones/iPads
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    HandiFox Desktop - never gets old

    Despite the Online incessant growth of popularity, our desktop users didn’t feel abandoned in 2022 and never will. HandiFox Desktop „the Wise“ got a little older and a little wiser this year - we’ve added the ability to populate a master pick list by bin locations which allows executing Picking the smartest way.

    New clients, new markets

    2022 saw us going east. We got new users in Jordan and Turkey. We’re happy to see the user community multiply and span the globe. There’s a bunch of fresh reviews on QB App Store and on G2Crowd - check those out to learn about the experience of using HandiFox and working with our team from real users.

    Plans and aspirations for 2023

    We at HandiFox have learned to plan AND go with the flow at the same time. There are a couple of big changes ahead we‘re excited about, though. Here is a teaser:

  • Full support of Units of Measure in HandiFox Online
  • A massive makeover of the Android app for HandiFox Online, including the long-expected life-time synchronization.
  • Otherwise, we lean on our users to define how HandiFox can deal with the most nerve-wrecking inventory tasks best. Thanks for contributing!

    THANK YOU for this year. We’re excited for the year ahead!

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