A Look Back on QuickBooks Connect 2016

A Look Back on QuickBooks Connect 2016

November 07, 2016

October 24-26 turned out probably the three most action-packed days of this year for HandiFox as we traveled to San Jose (CA) to our first QuickBooks Connect – a major highlight of the year 2016. It was three days of non-stop networking, industry-specific meetups, inspiring keynotes, interviews and great entertainment. It was three days of connecting to the world of small business accounting and technologies.

Accountants, small business owners, developers - nearly 5,000 people from the USA, Canada, Australia, Europe and the Caribbean area made their way to the conference to listen and be heard, reflect on and envision the future of the eco-system that was built and is being maintained and evolved by Intuit – the future that we all share.

HandiFox came to San Jose as a $100K Small Business App Showdown finalist to pitch our brand new HandiFox Online to a panel of judges. Our app was the only inventory management solution for QuickBooks Online among the other nine small business apps that were judged to be the best based on their quality of integration, innovation, customer reviews and votes. We didn’t win in the finals but that was, nonetheless, an invaluable experience showing us where we stand and what we still have to work on to bring more value to small businesses with inventory. Be that as it may, HandiFox is still one of the top 10 new apps for QuickBooks Online of the year 2016. We would also like to extend congratulations to Nick Hoffman at Share a Refund – the $100K Small Business App Showdown Winner!

Now, for the conference. Here are our 5 biggest take-aways:

  1. The feel of being part of the enormous eco-system is awesome! Intuit sets great store by its eco-system – they continue to embrace more and more new add-ons, new partnerships and make sure diving into it this ‘world’ is smooth.
  2. We do need to value one-on-one meetings more. Connect and reconnect with new and old friends and partners! Nothing like one-on-ones can get you on the same page. For the benefit of those who can’t adjust their calendar for it to include more personal meetings, Intuit has set up a dedicated network of small business owners and the self-employed OWN IT.
  3. Do not lock yourself in! Our jobs can be sometimes extremely isolating – we are all trying to check off our to-do lists, provide prompt and effective service to our customers and there is no end to it. People came here to recharge, make use of the enormous space for thought, ideas and inspiration that San Jose Convention Center provided, and get back to work, refreshed. HandiFox got some pretty good ideas for further integrations, too – something really good is yet to come in 2017. Stay tuned!
  4. QuickBooks Desktop still takes up a huge piece of the market. A lot of accountants and their clients are fond of QuickBooks desktop and Intuit has no intention of killing the product. The app store for QuickBooks Desktop apps has been updated which is a very reassuring sign. Intuit also confirmed that they were not planning (at least short-term) on enhancing the inventory module since they believed there were enough great inventory management systems integrated with QuickBooks to do the job.
  5. Intuit will expand QuickBooks Connect 2017 beyond North America. Next year the conference will travel to Toronto (Canada), London (the UK), and Sydney (Australia). The dates for the next US QB Connect in San Jose were announced – November 13-15. I guess we’ll see everyone there!

Now that we have witnessed the magnitude of what Intuit is doing, spoken with some senior managers at QuickBooks, we can confirm HandiFox is truly and 100% in sync with both.



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