Advanced Pricing is Now in the Toolbox of HandiFox Desktop

Advanced Pricing is Now in the Toolbox of HandiFox Desktop

October 11, 2019

With the varying purchasing power of consumers, it is imperative for small businesses to adjust their pricing strategy on a regular basis. Setting customer or item specific discounts eventually results in attracting a wider audience but, as a downside, requires your sales personnel to keep multiple price rules and exceptions on file. QuickBooks Desktop with its automated price rules offers a great fix for this problem. Sadly, it is an add-on feature for the Platinum subscribers of the full-featured and, as a result, most expensive version Enterprise. HandiFox clients, however, can leverage the price rules and quantity discount functionality without having to upgrade to Enterprise.

How does setting price rules and volume discounts change your sales process?

Being able to manage and automate discounts on sales forms makes the business owner’s life and the life of the sales team a lot less complicated due to

  • more flexible pricing policy based on a combination of conditions the software considers while working out the final price on sales transactions
  • a simplified and accelerated sales process thanks to automated pricing
  • prevention of errors, like giving wrong prices to customers
  • the ease of running promos to incentivize consumers to buy

How to create special pricing in HandiFox Desktop?

The advanced pricing feature of HandiFox can be activated in QuickBooks File->HandiFox->Price Rules.

In this window, you can see, edit existing or create new pricing rules, and activate or make them inactive. In the tab next to Price Rules, quantity discounts can be set and reviewed (Volume Discounts).

price rules.png

Price Rules

HandiFox lets you create price rules based on one of or a combination of the following factors:

  • a specific customer or customer types
  • a mobile device you are selling from or the sales rep closing the sale
  • a specific item or item types
  • preferred vendor
  • date range
  • fixed price (‘Price Overrides’) or a percentage discount

If you tick “Exclusive rule”, this will prevent the system from combining this price rule with any other. To illustrate, you are running a promo sale with a blanket 10% discount for all products but one specific item or a group of items has to be sold at their base price. To make this work, create an exclusive rule saying that the base price is final for these items. 

Besides the ability to set the new price lower than the base one you can set it higher than the cost price by some %.

Default sell prices and special prices are automatically applied and reflected in Sales Orders and Invoices. By tapping on an item, you will be taken to its information where the applied price rules are shown. If there are any conflicting rules, the app will show a warning and let you change the rules you want to apply.

new invoice pr.png item info pr.png

Volume discounts

Quantity discounts are a good way to get rid of excess stock or run promotional activities.


First, select the items you would like to set volume discounts for and then identify at what quantities the price will break.


Take advantage of managing advanced pricing in your HandiFox inventory management system at no extra cost.

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