Advantages of using barcodes for Inventory management

Advantages of using barcodes for Inventory management

June 17, 2014

Using barcodes, the process of collecting and recording data becomes faster and more precise. This allows businesses to cut costs, minimize errors, and simplify routine activities related to inventory management. Barcoding allows companies to track any inventory movements from receiving inspection through picking, packing, and shipping.


The main advantages of using barcodes are:

  • Time saving. Inventory counting is usually the most tedious process of a commercial company’s warehouse operations. By labeling every inventory item with a barcode and using barcode scanners, this operation becomes much faster. Barcoding, along with an inventory management system, allows for precise tracking of inventory levels in real time. In everyday operations, inventory barcoding is able to reduce man-hours spent and therefore increase productivity.
  • Error reduction. Human errors caused by manual data entry can lead to extra expenses and related issues, particularly in regard to shipments. Unhappy customers and extra time spent on solving these problems can be avoided with barcode confirmation during picking and packing. Using barcodes and barcode scanners for inventory management can eliminate manual entries and improve accuracy.

Implementing inventory barcode system in the warehouse includes:

  • Generating barcodes for the inventory items or using manufacturer barcodes
  • Importing barcodes into an inventory management software
  • Printing barcode labels
  • Acquiring the barcode inventory scanners
  • Acquiring the inventory management software to scan inventory in and out

You can cover all these expenses by choosing our software:

  • Inventory barcodes can be generated automatically or they can be imported from a spreadsheet
  • By integrating with software from IDAutomation, you can print barcodes on standard Avery label sheets on standard office printers, avoiding the need for special label printers.
  • As our software works on Android mobile devices, one can use its built-in camera to scan inventory barcodes. It also supports a range of Bluetooth barcode scanners which are inexpensive.
  • HandiFox brings barcoding to all parts of your workflow. With our inventory barcode software you can scan purchased inventory in, scan sold inventory out and do inventory counting quickly.

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