Delicious Customer Feedback: Alcas USA Corp

Delicious Customer Feedback: Alcas USA Corp

February 19, 2019

Alcas was founded by Aldemaro Casaebasse in the early 60s, the company soon developed in the pastry making and ice cream confectionery proposing innovative products in plastic. The originality and innovation began by A.C. (to him is attributed the invention of the zuccotto basin still largely used) has been further developed during the recent years presenting plastic as hygienic, solid and aesthetically ductile material, capable of satisfying the defects of those products in paper, cardboard and aluminum.

The care taken by Alcas, marked by a strong concern for the environment, has brought to the creation of the 02 Bioplastic Line out of corn, made in ecocompatible material, which has received important international rewards as the best product in its category for the respect for nature.

  • How did you manage your inventory and sales before HandiFox?
  • Before HandiFox we were managing inventory with QB which means we have to create manual reports of the bin locations and transfer of the items in the warehouse.

  • What was most important to you when evaluating your options?
  • The most important thing evaluating our options was price and the multiple tasks that the software can accomplish and are required day by day in a warehouse environmental.

  • Why did you choose HandiFox?
  • I choose HandiFox because the price, functions, it’s also easy to use.

  • How long have you been working with HandiFox?
  • I have been using HandiFox for about two years now.

  • Who uses the product? Which features do you use most?
  • A warehouse worker uses the product. We use the following features: picking orders, bin lookup and transfer items.

  • Tell us about the results – how is the product helping you save time and increase productivity?
  • It is more faster picking order and accurate too because I can scan every single label and if it is a mistake the software will tell me so I reduce the mistakes.

We at HandiFox Team express our gratitude to Robert Davalos from Alcas USA Corp for providing us with this feedback!

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