Deploit Group is a New Multidisciplinary Tech Partner of HandiFox in the Americas

Deploit Group is a New Multidisciplinary Tech Partner of HandiFox in the Americas

March 26, 2018

We at HandiFox are pleased to announce the start of our new tech partnership with Deploit Group, a value-added IT company and an experienced QuickBooks hosting provider.

Focused on providing managed services, IT project support, software/hardware solutions and cloud services to small businesses in the Americas, Deploit is known for their multidisciplinary skills and expertise. These guys can take care of all your technology needs for a flat monthly fee and let your forget about server equipment, maintenance, and licensing issues once and for all.

Deploit Group is authorized to provide hosting services to QuickBooks users, offloading server- and licensing-related tasks and allowing even the desktop users anytime access to accounting data via their all Inclusive Cloud Servers. They will also gladly host HandiFox Desktop taking it to the cloud but retaining the full functionality of the desktop version of our inventory management software.

Deploit’s customers pay a minimum monthly fee for a virtual private server + 1 remote desktop license included. They don’t actually have to pay for the HandiFox hosting since they don’t need a separate remote desktop license for this - they are supposed to pay only for the number of QuickBooks users your business needs.

Server maintenance, optimized hardware usage, anytime access to data, and enhanced collaboration in your company delivered to you by professionals at a fair price. With inquires, please contact Oswaldo Diaz at

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