Features & Improvements in HandiFox 6.8.5

Features & Improvements in HandiFox 6.8.5

April 06, 2015

handifox 6.8.5.pngWe have released the newest HandiFox version. It contains a number of new features and improvements that we want to tell our customers about.

1. The “Quick Transfer” feature. It is the feature that our customers have been looking forward to. It allows the handheld user to quickly transfer inventory between inventory sites without asking a manager or other coworker to create the associated Fill or Receive transfer.

Quick Transfer can be made by the inventory site that should send or receive inventory. The user should have the appropriate permission to do so. To transfer inventory between two sites the user just needs to click the Quick Transfer button in the Transfer Center on the mobile device, add items to the transfer and save. The quantity values for the items will be updated for both sites automatically. That’s it!

Do not forget to synchronize the device to send the created transfer to the server.

Note: Quick Transfer feature is not yet available if “Track Bin Locations” option is enabled in QuickBooks

2. We have added the new Credit Memos window. The user can access it by a long tap on a customer line in the Customer Center and by selecting the Credit Memos option. This window contains all Credit Memos created on the device for the selected customer since the last synchronization. It gives the opportunity to create new Credit Memos for the customer without synchronizing the device after each Credit Memo.

credit memos.png

3. We have added the additional user permission to restrict user access to the Admin section. If you want to block the access to some parts of Admin section for your sales reps, check the new permissions added to the Handheld User Manager window.

4. We’ve improved the layout of the Find/Add window. Now the item description is shown under the item name in the list. It can help the user to select the right item.


5. The description of the item can be shown right under the item name in the Sales Order/Invoice windows . Just open the Setting window on the device, click the Layout settings and check the “Show item descriptions in lines”.

Note: This feature is not available if “Track Bin Locations” option is enabled in QuickBooks

edit invoice.png

6. The user can disable the Back button on the Customer Signature screen. It is quite handy if the user does not have to edit the invoice after it is printed with customer’s signature. It also prevents the mobile user from accidentally skipping saving the invoice (It can be disabled in the Settings -> Layout options section).

7. Barcode scanning feature was added to Build Assembly window. The item to be built can be selected by scanning its barcode in the Build Assembly window.

8. Description column was added to the Barcodes list report printed from the Barcode List window.

We have also fixed some issues. Click here to read about them

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