Going Paperless

Going Paperless

November 17, 2014

Why Businesses Need To Go Paperless

In order to understand how important it is for businesses to go paperless when it comes to inventory tracking, we should first explain why companies track inventory. From large companies to small businesses there is one thing that they have in common, tracking inventory. The reasons are really simple when you think about it, when business owners track their inventory they are able to know which products they have in stock, how many of each product they have on hand and whether that is enough to meet the demand of customers. For companies that sell products with a shelf life it is especially important to track inventory in order to cut non-theft losses. However, what is an even more vital question than why do we track inventory is how do you track your inventory? Are you a business that is keeping up with other owners and moving towards software? Or getting stuck in the routine of manually updating excel spreadsheets? It is important to know why going paperless is so important when it comes to inventory tracking and even sales management.

Limitations Of Manual Inventory Tracking

It is understandable how some business owners are still using a manual system of tracking inventory such as excel spreadsheets. Using this system is simple, convenient and can at it’s inception seem cost effective for business owners. However, what business owners fail to look at is the effectiveness of this system as the business begins to grow. At this point you might be asking yourself how using excel as an inventory tracking system could possibly lose effectiveness. To this we would answer that as your business begins to grow, so does your amount of product, inventory and money that you must manage. The following issues should also be considered:

  • Real-time data: With excel needing manual updating, it lacks in real time data. This means that at any point in time your inventory count could be incorrect. If your excel sheet is not updated with your current inventory numbers than it is not accurately reflecting the product you have on hand. This could end up costing you.
  • User access: Many businesses have multiple branches of their company that need access to the inventory. If you are limiting yourself to an excel spreadsheet you are limiting access to those people that need accurate information such as your sales persons or warehouse workers.
  • Entry errors: As your business begins to grow it is inevitable that your inventory will increase and tracking large quantities of items through excel can lead to data entry errors. The likelihood for this increases even further if your inventory often moves from location to location.

Move To A Paperless Inventory Tracking Solution

We understand that moving away from a system that has worked for you for many years can seem a bit overwhelming. Ultimately moving away from an excel format of tracking your inventory will ease the risk of future inventory headaches. That is why we recommend moving to a mobile inventory tracking system by HandiFox. This system allows companies comprehensive inventory control that is accessible to your sales force, warehouse workers, and anyone else you may need it. If you are interested in moving to a more efficient way of tracking inventory than this is the product for you. In order to try a demo all you have to fill in the form on the right. Don’t waste anymore time, money and effort on a manual inventory tracking system, order HandiFox today!

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