Good Old HandiFox Desktop Keeps Small Businesses Going During the Pandemic

Good Old HandiFox Desktop Keeps Small Businesses Going During the Pandemic

May 20, 2020

With an overwhelming majority of SMBs shifting towards online platforms and yet still a massive amount of companies sticking with desktop software, the debate over ‘what is best for your business - QuickBooks Desktop or Online’ is ongoing. Now that online platforms and services are on such an upswing, it might seem only obvious that desktop software is seeing its last days. Maybe some of them are but things look much brighter for HandiFox Desktop. The system keeps proving to be a life-saver for lots of inventory-intensive businesses during the time of lockdown and social distancing.


HandiFox Desktop still rocks, even during the Cloud era. Why?

The most common understanding of desktop inventory management software in 2020 can be reflected in the equation ‘desktop software= zero mobility’. People expect to see a program installed on an office computer and themselves confined to that office or doing warehouse-office-client-warehouse rounds carrying that laptop day after day.

HandiFox clients are safeguarded from the downsideas traditionally associated with desktop systems such as a lack of mobility, shared access to data, and real-time updates, as our desktop inventory control software has a mobile counterpart.

HandiFox Desktop on your computer + the mobile app tandem

One of the nicest things about HandiFox Desktop is that you will find it built right into your QuickBooks’ menu as if it was always there. By clicking on File in your QuickBooks, you will see HandiFox appear in the drop-down menu and much more functionality coming with it.

HandiFox on your office computer is most commonly accessed and used by managers or business owners to allow:

  • Managing item list and barcodes
  • Assigning user roles and mobile devices
  • Reviewing counting sessions
  • Generating purchase orders
  • Recording inventory transfers
  • Setting up price rules
  • Tracking inventory across multiple storage locations
  • Handle sales orders and invoices

Everything else happening outside of the office, all the warehouse and sales operations, can be tackled using the HandiFox mobile app which stays in sync with its desktop part. Here is the list of the app’s capabilities:

  • Barcode-scanning
  • Inventory receiving
  • Inventory counting
  • Picking&Packing
  • Customer management
  • Sales order generation
  • Invoicing
  • Customer signature
  • Sales receipt
  • Cloud printing capabilities

The mobile app was once a game changer and still is for one of our very first users, KC Auto Body Supply, 8 years after, during the pandemic.

Thanks to Handifox, we can enter orders directly into our phone from anywhere in the world. We don’t have to sit at one computer that everyone shares.

Between Handifox and remote desktop, I don’t have to go to the office to work. I can enter orders, send customers their balance statements, check prices and QOH all from my cell phone. Oh, and I forgot about the ability to create and enter purchase orders from Handifox as well. Most tasks can be done from my phone. For the more detailed tasks, such as payroll or paying the taxes, I remote in and work with QuickBooks from home.

Kurt Casas, KC Auto Body Supply

Wrapping up

If you are using QuickBooks Desktop but struggling through the tough times like these to reach your customers, manage your inventory and fulfillment, HandiFox Desktop is really well positioned to help your small business fit into and operate in the new conditions. To sum it up:

  1. There is no retraining for your staff since HandiFox looks like a part of QuickBooks rather than an add-on;
  2. It is a mature product with extensive inventory and sales feature-sets;
  3. The system has a mobile counterpart which helps your sales, warehouse and accounting teams be in different places while staying connected.

Contact us at with any questions or make a move right now by requesting a demo or taking a trial.

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