HandiFox Desktop Implementation Process: A Journey That is Totally Worth It

HandiFox Desktop Implementation Process: A Journey That is Totally Worth It

October 27, 2017
If you are in an inventory-oriented business, the way you manage your stock determines the health of your business and, if you are doing it the old way, on paper, you are endangering it. Having an automated inventory management system in place can really heal and strengthen your company, while making do with inventory control on paper can ruin it. Having second thoughts about plunging your business into an inventory software implementation project? Doubt no more! It is quite a journey but you will be happy you have set on it.

Any software implementation means change throughout your business, work distraction and a steep learning curve. Over 100 small business in the last 10 years have reached a decision to implement HandiFox for their inventory management. In this blog post, we will dwell on the HandiFox Desktop implementation process to provide you with a thorough understanding of time investments you would need to make so you can take your business to the next level.

HandiFox Desktop requires a few more steps than the HandiFox Online version - unlike cloud-based software there are a few installation procedures required before going live. On the other hand, HandiFox Desktop like many other instances of desktop software is a solid advanced software package that is still more powerful than the online version. Here are some considerations and guideline on how to achieve success in implementing HandiFox Desktop:

· Ensure a clean-up of your QuickBooks company file before HandiFox Desktop is synced with your QuickBooks. Any damage, discrepancies and inaccuracy in your data can get into your HandiFox inventory app and cause a lot of headache. You might also want to compress your file to avoid performance issues and fix other issues with your company if some have been detected in the past. Find out more about condensing QuickBooks company files from Scott Gregory, QuickBooks Expert, in his profound guide here.

· Decide on where to keep your QuickBooks company - allocate a server or pick a hosting company to handle this. Install HandiFox license on one of your QuickBooks PC’s preferably on the one whose user would have sufficient permissions in QuickBooks and would rather need to make use of the HandiFox desktop features, like printing labels, than those of the HandiFox mobile app

· Make sure you have enough mobile devices and scanners to track and manage inventory across multiple locations and accomplish on-the road sales. See system requirements.

· Make sure you have all your inventory needs covered: barcode scanners to scan barcoded products, a label printer and receipt printer to have a complete inventory system working

· Make sure it is not another accounting period! This is not a good time to roll out new software

· Follow the steps in the installation guide that is designed to walk you through each stage with easy-to-understand instructions

· Request a training if you feel that you don’t completely understand how this or that feature works. There have been quite few requests for training from our customers as once your install the HandiFox desktop part on your PC, it gets actually incorporated into QuickBooks. There is no new software to learn!

· Be patient and cooperative. Any software implementation entails a two-way communication to ensure success. It might take a month to really get going as your entire business needs to adjust

· Let our team know about customizations you would like to see in the system.

You can explore HandiFox Desktop 30 days for free and we will be there for you all the way through. It is time to get yourself a kick and get started with automated inventory management!

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