HandiFox Desktop Price Change Notice

HandiFox Desktop Price Change Notice

May 24, 2021

HandiFox Desktop has taken in the experience of hundreds of small businesses over the last 10 years. We’ve been keeping the prices as low as possible despite the ongoing growth in terms of functionality and business value for our users. To this day, HandiFox Desktop remains the most customized product demonstrating the flexibility you wouldn’t expect to get from a desktop system. To make sure we continue providing the best service to the growing community of HandiFox Desktop users, we will be raising the prices for the perpetual licenses, annual support plans and customization services effective July, 1 2021.

You will find the updated offer on our pricing page. Check out our Price Change FAQ with possible questions:

Price Change FAQ:

  • How will my current prices change if I am a HandiFox Desktop current customer?

You will not see any price increase unless you decide to purchase more licenses or renew your support plan after July 1. If you need to buy new licenses, request a customization or renew your annual support plan, it’s best that you do it before July 1, i.e. before the pricing changes.

  • I was hoping to take a free trial, first. What if I am still on trial when the price goes up?

Given the one month’s advance notice, we hope you'll be able to complete your testing by July 1 and buy HandiFox Desktop at the current rate.

  • What if my support plan expires after July 1 2021, can I renew it at the old rates?

Sure. Even if your support plan ends at the end of 2021, you can prepay for the next year before July 1 at the current price. The renewed support plan will be activated as soon as the current one ends.

  • I am a HandiFox Online user. Will the price change affect the online software?

The price increase will not concern HandiFox Online unless we are talking about custom features. Customization services will undergo a price change. Contact us for details.

  • What countries will see the price increase?

The price change takes effect in all countries and regions without exception. 

Thank you for your business and support throughout all those years. Feel free to reach out to us at sales@handifox.com with any questions.

Write to us and Save old price!

Your HandiFox Team

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