HandiFox in Ghana: success story of Ecosight Ventures

HandiFox in Ghana: success story of Ecosight Ventures

May 30, 2016

Ecosight ventures.pngEcosight Ventures, Ltd is a retail and wholesale confectionary distributor in Ghana, Africa. Founded in 2006, the company has grown to include 35 workers.

When the need for an inventory system arose, Ayite Hillah, Managing Director of Ecosight Ventures, Ltd., set two objectives: 1) to centralize their sales and inventory data (the company works from different locations) by using one QuickBooks company file, and 2) to have their sales reps transact their business on the field in order to reduce manual entries in the office.

Before making the decision to go with HandiFox, the company approached one developer offering a similar inventory management solution but something didn’t work out. Ayite came across HandiFox while searching for mobile applications which work with QuickBooks on the internet and watched our YouTube video. HandiFox seemed to be a perfect fit and, as Ayite adds, a very timely discovery: “As users of QuickBooks Accounting software, we were initially a bit skeptical before we later realized HandiFox could interact with QuickBooks. What a sigh of relief –was our initial reaction because we had finally found a business solution. Timely discovery I must say”.

It took Ayite two days to get the hang of the system and make it work in his LAN: “I had a few challenges with the synchronization over the Internet; however I got within a few days. It was quite simple after all.”

At Ecosight Ventures, HandiFox is used by Ayite, the business owner, as the Administrator, by the warehouse manager and sales reps. With HandiFox, Ecosight Ventures have been able to enhance their competitive advantage.

“Handifox inventory mobile software is designed as an interactive mobile app to aid the management of inventories from different locations thereby enabling efficient stock management across all locations. This has brought tremendous improvement in tracking our inventory.

Since the introduction of Handifox, there is actually been a change in the face of our operations from inventory management to sales. Stock movements between our warehouses across Ghana and beyond is now automated and made easy. All our operations are now centralized because of handifox inventory software, transactions are controlled and monitored from one point.

Now distribution is done in a much more professional way and this earns us respect from both our staff and other competitors.”

Ayite Hillah, Managing Director, Ecosight Ventures, Ltd.

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