HandiFox mobile app VS QB Enterprise mobile app

HandiFox mobile app VS QB Enterprise mobile app

December 11, 2018

The best way to advance a product is to see what other companies offer and compare it with your developments.

Since we always strive for excellence and do our best to understand and respond to our customers’ demands we should know what changes to implement in HandiFox mobile app to enhance it.

That’s what inspired us to compare HandiFox mobile app with QuickBooks mobile app. Actually, you can do the same thing by yourself – use both of the apps and have personal experience from the usage.

But we are happy to save you the trouble of doing it by yourself and would like to present the results of our comparison.

Even though the apps have a lot of features in common, we see that HandiFox mobile app still outperforms leaving its partner behind.

Here are the results:


There are also a number of details about QuickBooks app that we want to highlight:

1. On the device scanning is not very efficient when you switch from one item to another. Every time you scan one item want to switch to another, the system will show the dialog window with the question.

2. After you pick the Sales Order on the device, the Invoice is not created automatically and the QOH for the item is not changed. The user has to create the Invoice manually and only then the QOH is updated.

We are here just to help you to choose – only you can decide for yourself.

We hope that you will make a right choice.

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