HandiFox Online START is Out!

HandiFox Online START is Out!

September 12, 2016

We would like to let you know that HandiFox Online START is out and being tested by QuickBooks Online users who struggle to get a comprehensive control over their books and inventory.

To try out HandiFox Online START, go to handifox. online and create your account.

Here is what the part you get to work with in your browser looks like.


Intended primarily for managers, it provides control and setup functions such as barcode management, label printing, user logins, transfers, selecting orders for shipment, and generating PO’s.

After synchronization with your QuickBooks Online company file, you will be required to download HandiFox Online app to your mobile device and install it. See below what the mobile app part looks like:


Run your app, enter the email address and password you specified when creating your HandiFox Online account and follow the instructions on your mobile device.

The HandiFox Online App on your Android device is designed to aid your workers in warehouse operations and lets them make use of the following features:

·        Inventory/Service Items

·        Barcoding

·        Inventory Counting

·        New/Edit PO

·        Receive PO

·        Multi-Location Tracking

·        Inventory Transfers

Please don’t hesitate to register on handifox. online and see firsthand if HandiFox Online is something you have been looking for. One thing is certain – HandiFox Online will be getting better and better!

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