HandiFox Online updates its new iOS app to include more advanced features

HandiFox Online updates its new iOS app to include more advanced features

March 01, 2021

For those who missed the big news – the HandiFox Online mobile app is now available on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads). The first release version didn’t have some of the functionality of the Android app. Building in every single feature at that point would have meant lower stability, and we didn’t feel like doing it by halves. This updated version includes fixes and a few major game-changing features which were missing in the first version. Let’s zoom in on what updates went live today.

  • Barcode scanning

Barcode scanning is the #1 tool in the automation and optimization of inventory- and sales-related processes. The updated version allows scanning product information in and out of the app via a mobile device’s camera or any one of Honeywell’s Apple compatible barcode scanners (MFi-certified Bluetooth barcode scanners with SPP support), like Honeywell Voyager or Socket Mobile models to name a few. With the barcode scanning capabilities of the app you can

●      Look products up by scanning in their barcodes

●      Assign barcodes to items which don’t have them

●      Do confirmation scans to make sure the right items are in the order (during inventory receipt or pick/pack)

●      Do inventory counting 2x faster

●      Put products on transactions (rather than search manually through the list)

  • SLED (Serial/Lot number/Expiration Date Tracking)

If you keep or sell products with a limited storage life, be sure to use the advanced traceability features of HandiFox Online. The new updated version of the iOS app allows adding serialized and lot-numbered items while you receive, count, transfer, invoice, get paid for, and document returns of inventory. If an item has an expiry date, you can make the system put the soon expiring lots on a sales transaction first by taping on 1.png2.png(Auto pick).

With the SLED feature you will be able to quickly respond to warranty claims and recalls, quality-control your products and remain on top of where specific lots are now, and which of them should be sold first.

  • Picking and Packing

As of today, the iOS app offers the ability to verify the shipment of products through a pick/pack procedure. HandiFox allows picking/packing sales orders and invoices. The process is accelerated through barcode scanning and, if needed, the packing stage can be eliminated by tapping on ‘Pack All’. The Pick/Pack functionality is indispensable to small businesses looking for fast and accurate fulfillment.

  • Printing

All transactions are printable and sent as print jobs to any AirPrint printers. Paper size can be sent to 2 inch or Letter.

  • Electronic Signature

You can capture your customer’s signature and put it on an invoice or a sales receipt. Once you are done filling a transaction with items, tap on …, choose “Save and Print” and you will see a “Customer Signature” screen where your client’s signature is recorded to be put on a print preview.

  • Sales Receipt and Credit Memo

Sales receipt lets you record a payment from a client and is also printable. Credit Memo records money owed to the buyer and helps move returned items back to inventory. Both transactions can be generated by going to Sales-> Customers, tapping on a customer’s name, and choosing a required transaction from the menu tab bar.

Now that the HandiFox iOS app can match the functionality of its Android predecessor, you can try and field-test the software on your Apple devices to see which one is a better user experience. Download the updated version from the App Store.

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