HandiFox Leads the Top Inventory Control Software as per user ratings at G2

HandiFox Leads the Top Inventory Control Software as per user ratings at G2

April 19, 2023

G2 has ranked HandiFox first in the Top Inventory Control Software list. The app got a 90% real-user satisfaction score and became the #1 Highest Rated app in its category. 


HandiFox ended up being the highest-scoring app in nearly every category from ease of use, setup and administration through quality of support and how easy it is to do business with the company. 

Based on usability ratings, we landed among the Top 3 Easiest To Use Inventory Control Software.


G2 uses a proprietary algorithm to calculate the satisfaction and usability scores, factoring in real-user satisfaction ratings of how easy the product is to administer, as well as how well the product meets business requirements.

Any software company aims to beat their contenders in ease of use and overall satisfaction. HandiFox topping two lists in a row coupled with the fact that it’s based on as-real-as-it-gets review data, makes us feel twice as excited about the work ahead. 

We’d like to thank our clients for their wonderful reviews!

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About HandiFox

HandiFox is a dedicated inventory management software that makes it possible to manage inventory and sales in the most efficient manner. More than 300+ companies have seen their businesses change dramatically over the years of using HandiFox. Request a free 14-day trial to test its functionality on handifox.com.

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