Buy HandiFox Desktop at the Old Price

Hot June: Secure the Old Price for HandiFox Desktop

June 01, 2021
You have a whole month ahead before the prices for the HandiFox Desktop licenses, support and customization services go up (see Price Change Notice).

It could be a good time to go ahead with the plans you once put a hold on, like:

  • Extending the use of the system to new facilities as your business has grown and could do with a few more mobile devices in the field. No need to adjust the budget for that – buy additional licenses in June while the old price remains valid.
  • Renewing your support plan which is about to end or expires this year. Feel free to prepay for the next year now at just the same price as before.
  • Having some specific part of the software tailored to your business processes. Be sure to submit your customization request before July 1 – this way you get your custom feature at the lowest price.
  • If you are on trial and things look good, make sure you purchase HandiFox Desktop this month, so that your quote doesn’t get affected by the upcoming change.

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