How CPAs can lead their clients to success

How CPAs can lead their clients to success

September 28, 2015

success.jpg The Sleeter Group has recently published the result of their annual study: “What SMBs Want from Their CPA.” The results highlight excellent perspectives in exploring avenues of development for shrewd accountants who want to become more pro-active in their area of expertise.

Most businesses expect their CPA to provide such services as tax return preparation, tax planning, compiling, reviewing and/or auditing their business records, and then reporting them at government audits and bookkeeping.

Besides the routine tasks mentioned above, todays CPA is expected to provide quality technology consulting and create a dashboard for monitoring the business.

Among the desired services revealed in the survey, such current unsatisfied needs such as business planning and business strategy, business analytics and tax planning are desired by businesses.

Both business planning and business strategy naturally require a good working knowledge of available Accounting Software as well as compatible programs for running business. In particular, the CPA is expected to be able to give advice on choosing an optimal Inventory Management Software. Inventory management is the second largest expense in running a business, thus naturally business owners pay close attention to it and they want their accountants to be skilled in creating forecasts to determine how much inventory should be in stock at the warehouse to meet customer demand. The HandiFox program can be of great assistance to you within this environment.

Business owners are concerned with the amount of money spent on inventory. Accountants can help limit that amount of money and suggest cash flow improvements that come from purchasing quality inventory at lowest price. Low-cost inventory saves money as well as provides advantages for the company in economic development. With HandiFox accountants can provide effective inventory planning and control to help companies manage cash flow. Reasonably priced, HandiFox is a mobile inventory tracking and sales management system fully compatible with QuickBooks. HandiFox has proved itself and has received excellent reports including very positive feedback on Capterra.

HandiFox has a free 30-day trial period. You can try out the program and make a well-educated choice. The best way to find a perfect fit for your company is to look at a wide range of accounting software, find the top ranked variant reviewed on reputable websites and try it out. Most of the sites will recommend QuickBooks to you, and HandiFox is completely integrated with QuickBooks.

HandiFox runs in the footsteps of QuickBooks and your personnel won’t have to learn everything from scratch since they are already familiar with QuickBooks, they can continue using the same system. The barcode system will do all the manual work for you. You will not have to re-enter sales orders manually, print statements, count inventory, and cancel sales order because a customer is over limit.

The HandiFox Partner program will allow you to make profits from HandiFox sales.

HandiFox has excellent customer service: we will help you set up the program, tune the system and even train your personnel if necessary. We react promptly and are able to help you with any of your problems on the go. We are here for you 24/7 if you are ever to have any problems with our user friendly software.

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