How Real-time Data Collection Can Help You Accelerate Next

How Real-time Data Collection Can Help You Accelerate Next

June 27, 2016

штрихкодирование 4.pngIn today’s highly computerized world, companies that knowingly ignore technologies inevitably lose out! This policy can create serious hurdles that objectively are likely to hinder your ability to compete on the market. To measure up to the competition, you absolutely have to leverage technology!

As an indispensable item among your warehouse management tools (read more on what components comprise a great inventory management system), barcode scanning software can indeed become your biggest ally!

What are the benefits of using barcode technology?

  • Accuracy. You can rely on barcode scanning software to keep errors out of your operations. Should it lead to a considerable discrepancy, error prone manual entry can cost you a pretty penny.
  • Time-saver. By automating data collection in real time, a barcode system reduces time spent on reading/processing/putting on paper item information and, evidently, employee training time. What manager wouldn’t like to save man-hours?
  • Improved Inventory Control. Using barcode scanning software helps you maintain an accurate record of every package that enters and leaves your facility.
  • Quick data availability. A barcode scan instantly provides inventory and pricing information.
  • Versatility. Barcode scanning software can be utilized in many ways. Let’s consider the following 6 for a start:
  1. Standardizing product codes. With barcodes products are much easier to identify and track. If an item doesn’t have a barcode, barcode scanning software like HandiFox should help you generate one.
  2. Receiving/shipping inventory (Picking and Packing). Verification of an item by a barcode scan is made much easier and faster. Dozens and hundreds of items can be scanned with HandiFox within minutes.
  3. Recording Serial/Lot numbers. You can use your barcode scanning software as a method of recording and keeping track of shipments when items have serial/lot numbers (read more about The Power of Serial and Lot Number Tracking)
  4. Inventory Transfers. Transferred items are scanned into a fill transfer when leaving their original site, and then scanned again at the receiving dock.
  5. Inventory Counting. When performing barcode scans the items are automatically counted up.
  6. Assigning a barcode to SO and Invoices. HandiFox assigns barcodes to SOs and Invoices to simplify the search for a particular order.

To recap, barcode scanning software can set your inventory management on the right path by bringing accuracy, speed, immediate data availability and ease into your operations.

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