Improve warehouse operations to ship the right items, to the right customer

Improve warehouse operations to ship the right items, to the right customer

April 07, 2014

shipmentA typical part of any warehouse management is preparing shipments for customers. When there are not too many orders, picking goods from the warehouse and packing them for shipment is a relatively easy task. But as business grows, the number of customers and orders starts to grow rapidly.

The more orders are to be handled every day, the more probable shipment errors become. Certain items may be missing from shipments or come in wrong quantities, or a shipment may contain completely wrong items. Another problem is delays in shipments when picking items takes extra time. All these circumstances may lead to deterioration of customer relationships or even losing customers.

The Pick & Pack feature of HandiFox helps to avoid the above problems with order fulfillment and improve warehouse management.

Shipment verification

All open orders can be viewed on mobile devices, as well as on the desktop computer. You can sort orders by date, print out a checklist of orders to be fulfilled today and pass it to the warehouse workers.

Warehouse workers can use the checklist to find required orders on their mobile devices – either manually or by scanning order’s barcode on the list.

The process of preparing and verifying shipped goods is easy with HandiFox. The operator can select an order on the mobile device and view the list of items to be picked. Found items are added on the list using the barcode scanner. HandiFox system will not allow picking an item that is not on the current sales order. It will also inform the user if items are missing.

Optionally, Packing can be performed as the second stage of verification. The Packing feature allows you to scan the items for the second time as they are being packed into larger containers, loaded on delivery vehicles or passed to the customer (in case of self-delivery).

When the Picking & Packing procedure is completed, HandiFox will automatically generate the invoice and update the sales order (close it or change the backordered quantities for items). Quantities on hand for items on the warehouse are updated as well.

The whole process of picking and packing is documented: Pick Lists and Packing Slips are saved and can be printed directly from the mobile device, along with the generated invoice.

Since sales and shipments routine varies from business to business, some companies use Invoices or Sales Receipts to document incoming orders (instead of Sales Orders). HandiFox is designed to allow Picking and Packing for all these types of transactions.

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