Integration of QuickBooks with HandiFox

Integration of QuickBooks with HandiFox

May 29, 2015

QuickBooks integration.pngInventory Management Module in QuickBooks is quite complete and functionally intuitive. It has got all the functions you need to effectively track your inventory and accomplish your goals in business.

A well-tuned and timely inventory system is important for minimizing inventory losses and maximizing the potential sales and potential market share of the company. Any professional company needs good accounting software in order to manage accounts and perform accounting operations.

QuickBooks Premier Manufacturing & Wholesale are equipped with all the necessary inventory management mechanisms for the company’s complicated inventory. It has all the essential templates for reports and computations which a small to medium-sized company might need. It is worth mentioning, the software is very affordable.

HandiFox was developed specifically for QuickBooks

We designed HandiFox specifically to integrate with QuickBooks. We have been updating and enhancing HandiFox from day one.

Please, enjoy the fruit of our labor:

  • Get right to it, start using our new software with little or no previous training!
  • QuickBooks is for the office and HandiFox is for the warehouse – plain and simple!
  • HandiFox controls and settings are reflected in the QuickBooks menu!
  • Synchronized functioning of HandiFox and QuickBooks allows you to easily coordinate the work of the sales team, the warehouse and the office by continuously supplying them with the real-time information!

HandiFox expands the functionality of QuickBooks to the mobile devices

HandiFox is a fully integrated QuickBooks inventory management system. HandiFox makes QuickBooks’ integration fast and smooth; clients won’t have to waste any time learning the ropes of the program. The well attested QuickBooks inventory management system was successfully enhanced with the function of instant updating of the inventory details from the warehouse. HandiFox devices hold, send and receive exactly the same information as the QuickBooks program. Updates from the mobile devices can be continuously sent to the QuickBooks. The QuickBooks items, customer and seller information, purchase orders, price lists, taxes, and other functions are synchronized to HandiFox automatically. Recent data from the handheld computer (sales orders, invoices, payment, and customer information) is automatically transferred to QuickBooks in a fast and easy synchronization process.

HandiFox follows the logic of QuickBooks for business procedures

HandiFox was specifically designed to make your work easier, so it is easy to manage and is easily adjusted to a particular business style and current needs. HandiFox looks and feels a lot like QuickBooks. Specifically, our designers tailored it after QuickBooks, so that the transfer would be easy for its users who are already familiar with all the ins and outs of this excellent accounting program. QuickBooks users will find it easy to learn to use HandiFox.

If your business is the product-based type, then you need to make sure you are using the right kind of QuickBooks for your accounting. For maximum inventory precision and functionality, use the specific version correctly in order to avoid extra expenses and the bother of hoarding a collection of various accounting software programs. You only need one program for all the procedures you might have in the office– it’s HandiFox.

HandiFox provides additional functions for inventory management.

With HandFox you will be able to reduce human errors caused by manual entries, manage your inventory better and get faster and more accurate information about your business by using barcode scanning. Your staff would not have to return to the office to enter sales information as it can be synchronized and viewed in QuickBooks. The results can be edited before they are viewed and posted in QuickBooks. You don't have to print statements anymore or count the inventory. You won't have to cancel a sales order again because the customer is over limit. And the software runs on phones. Your salespeople can enter and fulfill their order from their phones. Meanwhile you can monitor the inventory and rout each sale.

Here is a short list of QuickBooks transactions, which are available on the mobile devices equipped with HandiFox:

1. Customers

Create and edit customers on HandiFox and watch them get automatically synchronized with QuickBooks. View customer addresses by simply tapping on their address.

2. Sales Orders

Generate sales orders on the go as your mobile device synchronizes it with QuickBooks. You don’t have to manually type in the name each time you create an order, just select from a list or scan a barcode. Edit the open sales orders in both places from your mobile device.

3. Invoices

Invoices are generated after completing Picking and Packing order. Also they can be entered manually or generated from existing sales orders.

4. Signatures

Signatures are created on touchscreen and stored in HandiFox. Then they can be placed on the invoice for printing.

5. Payments

Receive mobile payments from any location, apply them to open invoices or leave them as customer credit.

6. Picking and Packing

Pick (scan) and pack (verify the items packed or loaded) automatically to secure flawless delivery with the help of your mobile handheld device.

7. Barcoding

Instant item selection is made easy and accurate with scanning the barcode through a built-in scanner, a Blue-tooth laser or the device’s camera.

8. Printing

Make your report system automatic. All the above mentioned transactions, customer
statements and sales reports can be printed from your mobile device through the
Bluetooth or network office printer.

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