Intuit Launches an Updated QuickBooks Desktop App Marketplace

Intuit Launches an Updated QuickBooks Desktop App Marketplace

October 17, 2016

Since Intuit started pushing QuickBooks Online really strongly, there has been a lot of discussion, concerns, even fears that QuickBooks Desktop isn’t going to be around for long. The Intuit Marketplace hasn’t been updated for a considerable amount of time and QuickBooks add-on developers have been almost confident that Intuit is no longer interested in the desktop product, so they started shifting their focus onto designing online versions, too.

Whatever fears we had, they proved futile as recently Intuit informed all developers whose products were listed or who intend to get them listed on Intuit Marketplace that the Desktop App Marketplace was being updated, therefore, we had to submit our products for a new technical review.

The new Apps for QuickBooks Desktop website is way more informative and versatile as compared to the old one. Furthermore, one hardly has to go to the product’s website to find out more - you get all you need here: product overview, feature set, videos, manuals and reviews.

This is terrific news for everyone! A lot of people like the Desktop version a lot and seem determined to stick with it, as well as continue relying on the many great apps that help them be in better control of their businesses.

To recap, QuickBooks Desktop isn’t going anywhere just like a myriad of apps that integrate with QuickBooks and help tackle your business pain points and bottlenecks. We are pleased and excited to have an opportunity to be listed among such applications. Currently HandiFox is being reviewed by Intuit and should appear on the desktop app marketplace any time soon. Once this happens, feel free to contribute your review!


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