Inventory Management for a quality conscious business or how Andrews Farm & Seed adopted HandiFox

Inventory Management for a quality conscious business or how Andrews Farm & Seed adopted HandiFox

April 15, 2018

The HandiFox Team always likes getting candid feedback from our customers. We’re primarily interested to learn if and how our software product has been able to improve the business processes of a specific company as much as get to share an inspirational business story or two. In this blog post, we’d like to tell you about one of our long-time customer Andrews Farm & Seed, Inc. This company has been utilizing the HandiFox desktop apps since 2016.

Andrews Farm & Seed is a family-owned agribusiness that is known for providing high quality seed for lots of growers. Also the company provides conditioning, warehousing and shipping services. “Quality is a choice” – the company’s motto states. For generations the enterprise has stayed committed to its ideals where the quality is a top priority. That’s why the company has lasted for so long and to this day this business is prospering.

We got to talk with Mark A. Bridges, CFO at Andrews Farm & Seed, Inc. and ask him about the specifics of inventory processes in their business.

- Would you tell us a little bit more about Andrews Farm & Seed?

The company was founded by Glen and Juanelle Andrews in 1980. Later on, it was purchased by two of their sons, Lynn & Hal Andrews and they are the current owners today. We are a contract conditioner of Soybeans, and we have our own product lines of Wheat, Fescue and Sunflowers. We have approximately 30 employees today with approximately 250,000 square foot of warehouse storage.

- What challenges and objectives led you to look for a solution?

With our growing volume of packaging we needed to add barcoding in order to help us better manage our inventory and increased warehouse capacities. In my research HandiFox came up as the top solution available today that would work alongside of our current QuickBooks software. We wanted a solution that worked with our QuickBooks Advanced Inventory without having to use a 3rd party inventory software.

- What was most important to you when evaluating your options?

The most important points for us were accuracy, user friendliness and the ability to work alongside our QuickBooks software. My search led me to the internet as well as evaluating customer satisfaction with the product. All roads led to HandiFox in that regard. The deciding factor in choosing HandiFox was its ability to work alongside our current QuickBooks without having to use a separate inventory system.

- How long did it take to get up and running?

The implementation was very easy and customer support was very helpful with our questions. We were up and running within 30 days, however due to our workload it took us about 3 months before we were really utilizing all of the features that the barcoding could do for us.

- Who uses the product? Which features do you use most?

We utilize all aspects of the barcoding system, building assemblies, creating barcodes for our production runs, moving product within our warehouses, pick lists, shipping of the product and inventory counts. Production and office staff are all utilizing the software in our daily jobs.

- Tell us about the results - how is the product helping you save time and increase productivity?

We have improved the accuracy of our inventory and the accuracy of what product is picked and loaded on a truck. Additionally, inventory cycle counts are much easier and more accurate. We could not do the volume of business today without the help of our HandiFox barcoding system.

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