Leveraging Inventory Management Software

Leveraging Inventory Management Software

December 07, 2015

warehouse.png A lot of start-ups as well as well-established small businesses look at bringing new technologies into their workflows with a measure of fear and skepticism. They tend to complain they can’t afford any inventory management systems or actually see no point in obtaining one. Some of them claim that they are coping with day-to-day inventory operations pretty well resorting to nothing else but spreadsheets.

There are good things that are not on the surface – some changes that come with time and only then you can embrace them and start gaining benefits. In this blog post we will be uncovering some hidden profits of an inventory management technology - a contribution the Inventory and Sales Management System HandiFox can make to the bottom line of your business.

It’s all about time, isn’t it?

What differentiates a mobile and responsive business from others is its striving to optimize time and man force.

You just need to sit and figure out how many man-hours you would save on tasks like picking/packing or physical inventory count which is a known time-suck, if you had an opportunity to turn to inventory barcoding that HandiFox allows for, rather than to tedious and error-prone manual data entry.

That would lead to efficiency and time-savings and it’s common knowledge saved time translates into money in the long run, doesn’t it?

There is an easy way to check that - request HandiFox free 30-day trial on our website and get a feel of how much less time and effort the above-mentioned procedures may consume.

You can never be too proactive, can you?

It’s always good to have some historical data to rely on. Having an integral demand forecast at hand is a true helping hand in making key stocking and replenishment decisions. HandiFox can really start you on the path of transition from reactive to proactive business.

With HandiFox Purchase Order Management you can:

  • Track trends in inventory (seasonal shifts, customer tastes)
  • Determine an item’s monetary impact on your business
  • Keep up with demand and avoid having your money tied up on the shelves

Plan well without overspending on forecast analysis with Purchase Order Management in HandiFox. Learn more about this feature here. And… don’t be afraid of changes! Eventually, they can give you the edge.

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