Liftech Ltd. Adopts HandiFox to Address Their Business Challenges

Liftech Ltd. Adopts HandiFox to Address Their Business Challenges

June 12, 2017

HandiFox has recently left its footprint in the Caribbean. Liftech Ltd, Grand Cayman's premier source for forklifts, adopted the HandiFox inventory management system to remove the inventory management challenges they had been striving to overcome.

Liftech Ltd. was founded over 12 years ago by Dale Malyk and has 12 employees with one warehouse and one retail location. They offer sales, service, and repairs of many brand name forklift equipment models, including Bobcat, Crown and Taylor, and sell both new and reconditioned machines. Propane, diesel and electric models are available, as well as pallet jacks and racking systems. Liftech also offers full preventative maintenance programs, free inspections, written reports and 24-hour service. 

Liftech is relatively new to HandiFox - they’ve been using the software since March’17. We talked to Liftech’s Administrator who was responsible for the HandiFox rollout and introducing the software to the team on Liftech’s side.

What was the reasoning behind your decision to adopt a software solution for inventory management?

Liftech: Our biggest challenge involved keeping track of the large quantity of products in our Warehouse while monitoring their entry and exit. Prior to committing to HandiFox, we tried to implement our own manual solutions, without success.

So, when it came to the crunch, how did you make a choice?

Liftech: We needed a solution that had a low learning curve that would allow us to create barcodes while being compatible with our Quickbooks software. Online research led us to our Hanidfox solution. Handifox met our most important needs better than any other solutions out there while offering competitive pricing, excellent support and a 4-week trial period.

How long did it take you to get up and running?

Liftech: It took a couple of days to iron out issues on our end and get Handifox up and running. The app met most of our expectations. There are, however, a few basic features that we would love to see implemented.

What has your experience been like so far with HandiFox?

Liftech: The product is used mainly by our Warehouse Clerk to create and scan barcodes, do inventory counts, and item transfers. We found barcode creation, scanning, inventory counting and item transfers extremely valuable. Though we have only been using it for a couple of months now, we have been able to catch a few items that were leaving the warehouse but not being billed out to Customers. That in itself has saved us money.

Check out the review of HandiFox by Liftech’s director, Billie Jo Malyk, on capterra
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