Our First Time at Scaling New Heights

Our First Time at Scaling New Heights

June 26, 2017

Scaling New Heights, a major annual QuickBooks-centric event intended to gather the accounting professionals and small business software vendors of the Intuit eco-system under one roof, was held on June 4-7 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando (Florida), just a one-hour journey from Melbourne, the home of HandiFox.

Whether or not we would be attending the event was a question at some point. But now that we got a taste of SNH, our participation in the next year conference is not even a matter of discussion. Those who frequent Woodard events would probably say it was a great conference just as any other Scaling New Heights before. However, it was an entirely different, probably much deeper and valuable experience for the HandiFox team as it was our first time at Scaling New Heights.

At SNH’17, we saw people with thirst for knowledge, a desire to develop their technology expertise and a genuine concern for the success of their clients. Most of them attended several sessions a day, taking in tones of information and then had a couple of hours to walk around the expo hall and get to know niche software vendors.  At a glance, we could see those guys were not to be disappointed and we did all we could in a short time we had to communicate and show what HandiFox can bring to the party. There was movement, interest and curiosity that constituted the great atmosphere and mood of the conference.

We had fantastic 3 days talking to industry experts and leaders. We got some of the most crucial questions answered by the Intuit people, like ‘what is the future of QuickBooks Desktop?’ and ‘where is QuickBooks Online going with inventory?’  The titbits were as follows - we were reassured that QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier) would go through a ‘disco’. On the contrary, it was confirmed that Intuit is not going to abandon the desktop version and, on the contrary, stays committed to enhancing the desktop versions. As far as the inventory features of QuickBooks Online go, Intuit is unwilling to branch out and still determined to let inventory add-ons do the job, while their development team will be focusing on making the great accounting feature-set the online version offers even better.

Thank you Intuit and Woodard for the best time we’ve ever had at conferences! Our ‘dance card’ is still filling up after SNH17 and we have very few free slots for demos. Call or email us to set up a time to see HandiFox in action, if you haven’t had such an opportunity yet.
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