Painless Inventory Management

Painless Inventory Management

November 03, 2014

If you ask any business owner for a list of the five largest pains of running their business, managing the inventory is sure to be somewhere on that list. Managing inventory correctly is vital when considering the success or failures of a business no matter how big or a business might be. As much as business owner finds inventory stressful, it can be just as exasperating for warehouse workers and other parts of the business team such as sales. So what is the solution to the stress that comes with keeping track of inventory?

Inventory Shrinkage

In today’s day and age it may seem like an obvious solution for business owners to switch from paper to any particular inventory tracking software, but you would be surprised by how many business owners refuse to adjust to the times. When using mobile inventory tracking software companies are able to do more than keep track of inventory, but manage it and connect their workers on another level. In order to succeed all businesses need to be hyper aware of how much inventory is demanded to determine whether they are carrying too much or too little product. One great example of a inventory shrinking often occurs in the grocery industry.

Any industry such as the grocery industry can often suffer from an issue known as non-theft loss if inventory is managed incorrectly. If a business is selling a product that has a shelf life they can often suffer a non-theft loss from inventory complications. Should a grocery store for example not be able to push all of the inventory and it reaches is shelf life they suffer a significant loss over time. Moving to a form of inventory tracking that works for the business owner as well as all employees involved can help reduce these kinds of loses.

The Solution

Put down the pen and paper! Move away from any manual tracking systems whether it be through excel or some other form. Tracking inventory manually leaves way too much room for human error and inevitable losses. Switching over the way you manage inventory can seem like a daunting task but it will ultimately help assist you cut inventory shrinkage, increase inter-company communications, and boost efficiency.

Let HandiFox Mobile Inventory Tracking Software Assist You

HandiFox is a leading inventory management system and sales management solution allowing small businesses to better monitor their sales and supply chain. If you business is looking for a comprehensive solution to inventory tracking then HandiFox is the soluation. HandiFox software is a simple mobile platform that can easily be integrated with QuickBooks® in order to increase operational transparency and enable business owners to focus on their business. If you are interested in trying HandiFox’s comprehensive program just request a free demo version. Should you have any questions or concerns about our inventory software we are always happy to answer them, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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