Price optimization

Price optimization

March 27, 2015

price optimization.pngWhy You Should Pay Attention To Price Optimization

At HandiFox, we never tire of looking for ways to improve your business. So for this blog, we're going to take a look at a fast-growing trend that could have a big impact on your business: price optimization.

Optimization - Not Just for Inventory Control

So you've come to love the inventory control optimization that HandiFox mobile inventory management software offers - but why not apply those same principles to your pricing strategy? The truth is, many companies are starting to do just that, and are finding profit margins that had hitherto remained unclaimed. The process is pretty simple, and it's one we feel you should consider if you sell anything online.

The first step is, like all things in business, to know your customers. What are they willing to spend? Where do they need the absolute lowest price on items, and where might they be flexible? An in-depth understanding of your customers' needs will help you set reasonable limits on your pricing.

Next, set a definite price floor. This ensures that your price optimization strategy never cuts into your costs - unless that's a part of your strategy. A price floor will give you the freedom to experiment with prices while maintaining the security and peace of mind that no experiments will hurt your business.

Finally, play with it! Through A/B testing, you can make and test hypotheses about which prices on what items generate the most profits. The key here is to listen to the data - what is most successful? Why? Asking and answering these questions can unlock hidden profits that can take your business to the next level.

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If you have more questions about inventory management or overall business strategy, we're always here to help. Shoot us a message at our contact page, and keep checking back to this blog – we’ll update it with more tips and tricks for supercharging your business.

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