Purchase order management is simple with HandiFox software!

Purchase order management is simple with HandiFox software!

April 29, 2014

Creating Purchase Orders and receiving inventory is another challenge that small businesses usually face.

Creating a Purchase Order, one should take into account the demand for goods. If the ordered quantity is too short, you will have run out of goods even before the next delivery and your customers will be disappointed with the lack of products they need and can start looking for other vendors.

If the ordered quantity turns out to be excessive, the goods will stay on the shelves in the warehouse for too long and the business expenses will rise. Robust Purchase Order software can help to resolve these problems.

HandiFox allows for more accurate purchase order management. Our software gives an opportunity to generate Purchase Orders based on current sales rates for each item. Quantity that is already in your warehouse is taken into consideration as well.

Many small businesses while organizing their warehouses prefer to replenish inventory to a certain level. For example, if the goods are delivered and sold from a truck, then most managers prefer to load the truck with the same inventory in the same amount every time. Our Purchase Order software can suggest what inventory should be ordered.

On the desktop computer where QuickBooks is installed, one can specify the desired QOH level for inventory for each mobile location/truck. Based on this data HandiFox software can generate Purchase Orders to replenish inventory for each truck or for all trucks at the same time.

The user can manage Purchase Orders right on mobile devices. The PO Center window on Android displays all open Purchase Orders that should be received by the current location/truck.

Moreover, Purchase Orders can be created right on the mobile device. It is especially convenient, if the goods are ordered directly from a vendor or manufacturer in its shop or warehouse. All created purchase orders are uploaded to QuickBooks during synchronization.

purchase order management.png

Barcoding is another powerful feature of HandiFox. No need to type items in manually, spending extra time on searching through item lists. Leave it to us! Using the built-in barcode scanner on the device or a wireless Bluetooth barcode scanner you can add items to transactions or mark them as received in one button press!

Purchase Order management is simple and transparent with HandiFox software.

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