Q3 2016 Best Reseller Partner and Best International Partner 2016 – Stephan Stewart at Nter Solutions

Q3 2016 Best Reseller Partner and Best International Partner 2016 – Stephan Stewart at Nter Solutions

November 21, 2016

Nter Logo 2-01_jpg.jpgHandiFox Partner of the Quarter Program recognizes HandiFox partners for their productivity, outstanding efforts and achievements throughout a given quarter. We are pleased to name our Q3 2016 Best Partner and dedicate the blog post to this person as our thank you for his commitment and contribution. This is Stephan Stewart of Nter Solutions – one of our long-term partners and old friends of HandiFox.

Nter Solutions is a small family owned business in which Stephan serves in multiple roles including – Director, Project Manager, Implementation Team Leader and Post Implementation Support Representative. Here is some more background to Nter Solutions as told by Stephan himself:

"Nter Solutions as we know it today is the evolved product of a drive - to do more, love - for both business and technology and the desire to add value to Small to Medium Sized Businesses. Having started out doing computer repairs and small scale networking jobs for a few years Nter Solutions was registered in 2012 as Nter Systems and then made a Limited Liability company in 2014 as Nter Solutions Limited."

In a nutshell, Nter Solutions provides IT services to Small to Medium Sized Businesses within the Wholesale and Distribution Industry that have little to no IT support. We asked Stephan about the most common pains that his company help wholesale businesses, distributors and retailers address, and we received an extensive answer to our question. 

"…quite naturally, the common complaints they all clamor about relate to:

1. How can I keep accurate track of my inventory: 

a. Quantity on Hand and expiration dates where applicable
b. Quantity on Open Orders
c. Quantity on Purchase Orders

2. Improved speed and accuracy when receiving goods from suppliers

3. How do I provide my Sales team with accurate real-time info on both Inventory levels and Customer accounts so that they can sell smarter

4. How can I get my inventory and my financials aligned

5. How can we move from using paper and/or Excel to a more intelligent solution."

Stephan believes that many small to medium business are looking for a lot of similar products and services that large enterprises are looking for.

"The major factor for SMEs is finding the perfect blend between getting the most robust functionality that provides improved efficiency and intelligent business data while respecting their often limited budget."

Ironically, Stephan found out about HandiFox from a then new customer and was intrigued. He signed up for the partner program shortly - and that is how HandiFox got the best international partner we couldn’t have dreamed of before. The geography of Nter Solutions clientele includes the USA, Trinidad and Tobago, Costa Rica, Guyana and a few more Caribbean and South American countries.

Recently, Stephan rolled out HandiFox for Beepats – a major product distribution company with 60+ history in business. Moreover, he pulled it off almost single-handedly!

According to Stephan, HandiFox offers what most SMEs look for and value:

"HandiFox prevents inventory from going negative, thus stopping it from impacting stock valuation, forecasting, government financial reporting, etc. The app provides sales personnel the visibility to know what stock levels we have so they can sell smarter. Tracking inventory loss – damages in the warehouse, returns from customers, etc, - is made possible with HandiFox. And a lot more."

Stephan Stewart can be reached via email at stephan.stewart@nter-solutions.com.


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