Q4 2017 Best HandiFox Partner of the Quarter and Best Reseller of 2017 – Aaron Mukumba

Q4 2017 Best HandiFox Partner of the Quarter and Best Reseller of 2017 – Aaron Mukumba

January 29, 2018

We are thrilled to announce the Q4’2017 and best Reseller of the year in 2017 – Aaron Mukumba at Stamp Africa (Zambia, Africa).

Aaron Mukumba at stamp africa.jpg

His professionalism and a high level of expertise allowed to implement 4 HandiFox Desktop licenses in Q4’2017. The client is based in Zambia and specialized in selling health-impact products into under-served communities in rural and peri-urban areas.

Additionally, this is the most effective deal via Reseller in 2017. We appreciate all his efforts and hope for a further mutually beneficial partnership with Aaron and wish him new achievements and prosperity.    

Here is what Aaron thinks about HandiFox:

“I’m very glad that last year was indeed a great year for us: we managed to make a breakthrough in our market after several failed attempts. Distributing HandiFox has been a dream for me because this product is awesome and it works like magic. I’ve had a good experience of distributing it to my clients who use HandiFox now. Everything was easy right from the start: from installation to implementation in business process – none of it took much time. HandiFox is handy, easy to use and 99.9% error free. African market is not that easy considering the speed of technological development here. But no customer will say “no” to HandiFox if they face inventory challenges.”

Aaron Mukumba can be reached at +260 972 290 033, or via email aaron@stampafrica.com for further references or consulting services.

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