StampAfrica Roll Out HandiFox Software in Zambia

StampAfrica Roll Out HandiFox Software in Zambia

January 15, 2018

Stamp Africa Zambia Ltd, former SkeepSolutions, an official distributor for QuickBooks products in Zambia and Zimbabwe, is bringing mobile inventory management to small businesses in Zambia.

In 2012, Stamp Africa started the distribution of QuickBooks and since then it has been one of the leading information technology companies that sell and implement QuickBooks, do training and support. The company is a trusted partner in offering a wide spectrum of software solutions, including the HandiFox inventory control app.

We talked to Aaron Mukumba, StampAfrica Director, to learn more about his business and what he makes of his first rollout of HandiFox for a healthcare social business in Zambia. Aaron’s area has always been I.T and Accounting, so he is the Team Leader involved in Research & Development, Testing of Software, Training, Implementation and Support.

“My clients are found almost in every industry which ranges from Non Profit, Wholesale & Distribution, Service & Professional, Manufacturing, Retail. The major problem my clients face is managing their inventory in different locations”, says Aaron.

StampAfrica saw a need of a mobile inventory solution what would work with QuickBooks, a need that hasn’t been properly fulfilled in the market. One of the main considerations was of course the cost as small business are very budget-conscious companies with ever-growing needs and spendings. The search ended with HandiFox and after an all-round analysis of the inventory software, Aaron reached a decision to join the HandiFox Partner Program to be able to offer the system to StampAfrica’s clients.

We asked Aaron what he thinks HandiFox brings to the party.

“I like the fact that you can work from anywhere, synchronizing with the office. That’s on itself makes it the best app. It could make it easy for everyone to manage their business effectively.”

Aaron Mukumba can be reached at +260 972 290 033 for further references or consulting services.

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