Storage on Wheels: Keeping an Eye on Your Business on the Road with Automated Inventory System

Storage on Wheels: Keeping an Eye on Your Business on the Road with Automated Inventory System

March 12, 2018

Big facilities – high expenses. Not every business can afford having and running multiple warehouses. If you are on a small business budget, eventually you’ll end up working really hard to balance it out. Here comes a thought: there should be a way to save up some money on inventory storage and spend it more wisely... And there is one. It turns out cheaper for some inventory centric businesses to keep their products… on the move. To keep your stock on trucks is not only profitable – it’s more than this: with truck inventory you have the space to store your supplies plus it’s relocatable, meaning you can deliver to your customers right ‘in the field’.

So, here is why truck inventory is so attractive to small business owners compared to regular warehousing:

1. No rent and utility bills. You pay as you go: transportation and repair costs mostly.

2. There’s no warehouse staff or there are fewer warehouse operators required. You can reduce costs of hiring and invest the savings into advertising campaigns, for example.    

3. You pay for the warehouse that does fit your needs. When we’re talking about stationary storages, you might have a hard time adjusting either huge or small warehouse space that you have to your flux of orders. When you keep your inventory on wheels, whatever the season trends are, you always have a proper amount of products up in your truck.

4. No third party company involved in the shipping process – deliver your inventory directly to customers.

Frankly speaking, truck inventory management does have a huge con that we can’t but have to bring up. It is much harder to have your finger on the pulse and be in full control of your own stock when you are anywhere but near. When your inventory is not physically accessible, it really can be a pain in the neck not having proper inventory tracking software. But when you have one, this is not a problem at all.

You can monitor your stock using the HandiFox inventory control app. Pull your phone out, start the app and get the most recent updates from all the inventory sites.

HandiFox is rightfully called an inventory expert. We’ve been in the business for more than 10 years. We have a lot of customers that don’t keep their inventory the standard way – in a stationary storage space. This, however, doesn’t keep them from collecting all relevant stock data despite whatever distance between their office and trucks.

Why is truck inventory control so easy with HandiFox?

- Barcoding. This feature let you easily pick and pack your products by scanning item barcodes. This provides you with an easy and quick access to the updated inventory data, like quantity on hand on the trucks. You can get a picking process under your control.

- Multi-location Tracking. By using this feature, you’ll receive not only detailed information on the total number of stock items in your trucks but also you’ll know where they are located at the moment and how many should be replenished.

- No Internet connection required. If you don’t have a steady connection, it’s not an issue.  You can keep using the HandiFox application, add purchase and sales information, edit item info and so on. Once Wi-Fi/mobile Internet is available, all you need to do is sync the app to ensure the office gets all updates in no time. 

- Printing from the device. You can print Sales Orders and Sales Receipts right from your mobile phone or tablet using a portable Bluetooth printer in your vehicle. No need to bring piles of papers on the road – just focus on what you really need.

You can get a trial version of HandiFox right now to see how it will be implemented in your business. Also you can request a live demo to schedule an online meeting with one of our specialists to introduce you to the world of stress-free inventory management. 

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