Success Story Interview with HandiFox Reseller Chad Small

Success Story Interview with HandiFox Reseller Chad Small

September 05, 2018

We at HandiFox appreciate the interest shown by our Reseller partners during “Hot July Sale” in Q3 2018. Today we’d like to introduce you to Chad Small at Integrated Payment Systems (Barbados).

His high level of expertise and product awareness allowed providing with 4 HandiFox Sales licenses and 4 support plans the client that is based in Jamaica and specializes in distribution of fast moving consumer goods.

To help you understand how Chad managed to become so successful at reselling HandiFox, we asked him advice on turning working with HandiFox into a profitable endeavor.

  • What’s the two-minute elevator pitch for your business?
  • We are a Management Information Systems consultancy firm helping businesses truly integrate and leverage technology to work smarter rather than harder.

  • What was the primary driver for you to become a HandiFox Reseller?
  • We always worry about support whenever we enter into any reseller arrangements. HandiFox support team proved from the trial stages that they were on their game and backed their product 110%.

  • How does HandiFox Reseller Program help your clients’ businesses?
  • Fills a genuine need.

  • What’s your secret for reselling HandiFox?
  • There’s really no secret, on its own it’s an excellent product and clients are at ease because we have ensured that we are technically capable of giving them local support.

  • What challenges have you faced when selling HandiFox and how have you overcome them?
  • Due to our geographical location, the price point is always an issue, but the value is in the product.

  • What would you say to other partners that might be facing the same challenges?
  • We find that when we stress it’s ‘value for money’, pricing becomes less of an issue. HandiFox is serious bang for the buck.

  • What have you learned from working with HandiFox?
  • The value of having partners that responsive to Resellers’needs.

We at HandiFox are looking forward to a further fruitful partnership with Integrated Payment Systems!


David and Chad Smalls at the HandiFox Global Partner Conference

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