Sun Fat Trading Corporation on the 8 years with HandiFox

Sun Fat Trading Corporation on the 8 years with HandiFox

March 02, 2020

Sun Fat Trading Corporation (S.F.T.C.) and HandiFox have a long history of a successful vendor-client relationship. To better understand the short- and long-term effects of HandiFox on S.F.T.C, we asked Benny Hong, S.F.T.C CEO, to think back to the times before the inventory management system was in place, and contrast it with how things began to change once he was able to automate everything.

Key facts:

  • in business since 1985
  • on QuickBooks Enterprise for over 15 years
  • with HF since 2012 (using HandiFox Desktop Sales)

Case Study of Sun Fat Trading Corporation

S.F.T.C. imports and distributes Asian foods throughout the United States. As the scale and geography of the business grew, the need for better inventory control was becoming more critical. In 2012, Benny Hong started looking for a stock management tool that would pair with QuickBooks Enterprise. The company evaluated a few solutions but made a decision to move forward with HandiFox. Since then the software has been indispensable in S.F.T.C’s business toolkit, bringing extensive change into all the business processes.

Purchasing and Replenishment


“We would manually go through the warehouse to see which items are low on stock so we could reorder.”


“Now we just look at QuickBooks’ Quantity on Hand which gets updated through a direct link to HandiFox, and place replenishment orders.”

Inventory control


“Practically none.”


“Every item in inventory is accounted for using HandiFox. No more manual inventory counting.”

Order Fulfillment


“We would write down customer orders by hand”.


“Now we just barcode-scan the items the customer wants and sync orders back to QuickBooks.”

Efficiency of warehouse, accounting and sales teams


“Slow, since we had to manually input sales orders to generate invoices for customers.”


“Now when sales reps sync orders back - they are already in QuickBooks. We just press one button to generate an invoice.”

Overall effect of manual Vs. automated inventory management on the business

“With manual stock management we wasted a lot of time, made more errors and had no idea how much inventory we had.

Now we know exactly how many cartons of each item we have in stock. And we also see the customer’s previous price. Overall, it is much more efficient than doing all those jobs manually.”

We thank Benny for taking the time to share his story and are happy to think of him and his company as friends. 


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