The Benefits of Going Mobile

The Benefits of Going Mobile

February 13, 2015

mobile.png With the increasing ubiquity of smartphones and mobile devices, many businesses are finding success in «going mobile» - adapting some or all of their business functions to mobile devices. For many, however, this is a daunting prospect, and some question the use in mobile capabilities. At HandiFox, we want you to have the best information for your business - so for this blog, we're taking a look at some of the benefits to going mobile.

1. Increased Field Worker Capabilities: Whether your field workers are placing orders, processing payments, or performing service, mobile capabilities will take them «off the leash.» Having field workers who are fully capable of performing any job function from anywhere can be a huge boon to productivity and turnaround time - two serious competitive advantages.

2. Cross-Platform Synchronization: For many business owners, a concern in going mobile is keeping all records accurate to each other. With the right inventory management software, however, going mobile can actually make this easier. If, like HandiFox, your software syncs across devices automatically, mobile capabilities will allow data to be entered at the source, eliminating possibilities for human error.

3. Time: This is what it all boils down to. Mobile capabilities allow a business to perform all of its functions faster, smarter, and more efficiently. Whatever situation arises, a fully mobile business allows you to deal with it immediately. Mobile means anything can be done from anywhere, which translates to a more effective, lean, and responsive business.

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