The Power of Serial and Lot Number Tracking

The Power of Serial and Lot Number Tracking

November 09, 2015

serial number.png For years HandiFox has been known for its ability to take your inventory management to a new level by extending QuickBooks functionality and bringing it to mobile platforms. Many of our users have commended multiple-site inventory tracking, picking and packing, extensive barcoding capabilities. Recently, in response to your numerous requests, we added Serial & Lot Number support to our software, to provide you with yet another powerful tool for your inventory tracking needs.

Knowing exact stock levels for each of your items is always helpful, but sometimes this is not precise enough. Certain types of goods and business operations call for even more careful tending and, therefore, tracking the movement of each lot, or even each individual piece through your business. For industries like food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and some others, serial and lot number control is not just a matter of achieving better inventory management – they are mandated to have a tight control over their stock to be able to isolate defective items. That contributes to inventory management complexity - the challenge HandiFox is now fully capable of addressing.

  • Enter serial or lot numbers of goods as they arrive at your warehouse, so you always know when each lot or piece was received, and from what vendor.
  • Scan serial/lot numbers into invoices or sales receipts to keep track of items leaving your business.
  • Record serial/lot numbers during picking and packing and know exactly which lots or pieces are being shipped to your customers.

Serial and lot numbers can be scanned into HandiFox mobile app as easily as product barcodes, or entered manually from the keyboard.

Serial & Lot Number Tracking in HandiFox can work independently from the same feature in QuickBooks Advanced Inventory and does not require it, but in case it is turned on in your QuickBooks, serial or lot numbers entered in HandiFox will flow over to your QuickBooks company and be available for your QuickBooks operators as well.

This amount of traceability is really empowering!

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