The Recipe for Wise Inventory Management: Key Ingredients

The Recipe for Wise Inventory Management: Key Ingredients

November 23, 2015

warehouse.png In today’s competitive business world, effective inventory management is commonly believed to be critical in deciding success or failure. It’s little wonder that good managers are struggling to be able to keep the pulse of dynamic stock levels in their warehouse(s).

While some continue to rely on manual means of inventory tracking and think of automated inventory control systems as unnecessary expenses, others consider acquiring an inventory management system to be a smart investment and are looking for a robust one.

In this blog post, we are briefing you on what a proper inventory management system consists of and why you should make good use of it.

Common Components of an Inventory Management System

If you put a higher importance on refining your inventory management, you might end up choosing to put HandiFox in place. Truth be told, as much as we would like it to be the one and only component of your Inventory Control System, the fact remains - it is one of 6 core components, though a very powerful one.

  • 1) Inventory Tracking Software, like HandiFox, should allow for precise tracking of inventory levels in real time. HandiFox brings full visibility and speed into your inventory management which is invaluable.
  • 2) Mobile Computer – with HandiFox, it is any device, be it a tablet or a smartphone, on Android or Windows Mobile. Ruggedized devices with built-in scanners, such as TC55, MC40, Intermec CN51 are also supported.
  • 3) Wireless Infrastructure – you’ll have to think of this if you want HandiFox on your mobile device to sync instantly and sent inventory updates to your QuickBooks file.
  • 4) Barcode Scanner – it can be built in the mobile device or Bluetooth barcode scanners. Instant item selection is made easy and accurate with scanning the barcode through a built-in scanner, a Blue-tooth laser or the device’s camera.
  • 5) Barcode Printer – having to get one is inevitable if you have made up your mind to bring barcoding to all part of your workflow.
  • 6) Receipt Printer – a mobile or desktop receipt printer will complement your Inventory Management System and provide you with an ability to print receipts generated in HandiFox

HandiFox brings transparency, accuracy, speed, paperlessness and mobility into your inventory management for you to make well-informed decisions related to maintenance of your dynamic stock levels.

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