Transition From Desktop to Online Accounting and Inventory. A HandiFox User’s Experience

Transition From Desktop to Online Accounting and Inventory. A HandiFox User’s Experience.

May 30, 2023
With QuickBooks Desktop 2020 complete discontinuation scheduled for May 31, 2023, Premier and Enterprise having been transformed into pricey subscription-based products, Desktop users with inventory management needs are left with a Hobson's choice. Intuit is nudging to switch to QuickBooks Online, and no one likes to be nudged. Does the prospect of moving your business to online accounting and inventory give you the willies? Let’s zoom in on the subject and see what those who went through the migration have to say about it.

It’s hard to tell how many of the QuickBooks Desktop users have already converted. The number will be steadily growing this year because no one wants to end up one on one with software hiccups or occasional honest mistakes. Alternatively, if they opt for the subscription-based Premier and Enterprise, their expenses will rise dramatically.

How to transition to QuickBooks Online hassle-free

The great news is that the move has never been as seamless and facilitated as it is now. There are two ways to do this - using Dataswitcher, a trusted QuickBooks data migration partner, or, simply from within QuickBooks Desktop. The former has one limitation you need to bear in mind - it’s free unless you need to get more than two years of data moved to Online. The latter has a lot of coverage on YouTube and in Intuit’s official guides. One of the essential things to watch out for is the number of targets for migration because it’s a limiting factor (it shouldn’t exceed 750 000). No matter the tool, your old data will find its new home in just a few hours, so the downtime is minimal.

The benefits of moving to QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is a less upfront payment option that offers several tiers of functionality. Businesses with no inventory ties might be willing to dial back to fewer features and pay less as a result of the migration to Online. Meanwhile, inventory-based companies wind up getting one of the highest-tier plans, QuickBooks Plus or Advanced, because only these two offer inventory functionality.

When making the switch to a different version of the same software, there’s always something you’re gaining and something you have to compromise on. If you’ve been using QuickBooks Desktop in duo with HandiFox Desktop and now are looking to migrate to Online, you’ll be surprised to learn how smooth the process is. As soon as you’ve moved to QuickBooks Online, all you need to do is just sync it back to your HandiFox Online account.

Here’s what one of our then-Desktop customers has to say about their transition:

“Transitioning to QB online was fairly easy. Our IT rep helped us, and we were able to migrate from QB desktop to QB online in a few hours. It was definitely worth the switch. Handifox provides a lot better reporting than QB online. The synch is in LIVE TIME which is really nice.”

Melissa Rodriguez, Omega Caskets

With the desktop-to-online conversion, you’ll experience the benefits of:

  • Real-time syncing of QuickBooks Online with the HandiFox Online app in the web and across mobile devices
  • Extended inventory functionality (barcodes, Sales Orders, picking and packing, augmented reordering, serials and lots, manufacturing presets, and more)
  • Automatic updates that target the optimization of your business processes

You can get a taste of what the switch is like first-hand before you commit. Take a free 14-day trial.


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