What Are The Pillars of Great Inventory Management Software?

What Are The Pillars of Great Inventory Management Software?

May 16, 2016

inventory management1.png Since the very birth of the HandiFox software, up to the present moment we have had a firm belief that there are basically just a few pillars of any business software looking to become a success: it should be powerful to meet diverse customer needs, it must be a no-brainer, it must not break your bank and last but not least - customer service must be exceptionally responsive and knowledgeable. This is what we would ask for in the first place, if we were in our customer’s shoes.

In this blog post we would like you to see that we do practice what we preach. Here is what our customers are saying about us on different business software review sites.


Just try it, you will be amazed at all the features this software has. It will allow you to watch the movement of your inventory across one location or many locations.

Kurt Casas, KC Body Shop Supply, Inc (see the full review here)

This was the only software we could find that fixed all the problems we had with our inventory and sales with Quickbooks and our sales

Rebecca Groves, H2O International  (see the full review here)


Handifox has really helped us get more efficient and accurate in writing and preparing customer's orders. The Pros would be the ease of use, and compatability with the Quickbooks system we run.

Kevin Bohan, Paragon Distributing (see the full review here)

User friendly and great for using on the road on a handheld device all the while keeping Quick Books updated correctly.

Charla Sorenson, RainEater Wiper Blades (see the full review here)


Reasonably priced, Handifox was perfect for my growing small business needs.

Steve Israel, Xtreme Solutions (see the full review here)

Excellent Customer Service

The support is amazing, whenever we have an issue we get a call right away and the problem is solved.

W. Buis Holdings (see the full review here)

The software is very user friendly and if we had any problems the tech support was always there to help 24/7. I would have to say that the tech support over at Handifox is the best! We have never had a better support team anywhere else.

Benny Hong, S.F.T.C. Inc (see the full review here)

It feels nice to realize that we do manage to be living up to our own expectations. Meeting the needs of a variety of industries, HandiFox is an easy to get the hang of mobile application that helps you tackle the tricky task of keeping your inventory and sales in check.

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