What Does The Fox Say… about Mobile Sales?

What Does The Fox Say… about Mobile Sales?

March 16, 2015

fox.pngHandiFox has spent a great deal of time developing their mobile sales solutions because they are able to see how valuable this system can be to your business. Integrating QuickBooks inventory management to help with functional management and optimal results for selling is the priority for us. We want you to succeed and have the best equipment to do so. Below we have provided tips to set you up for success with your mobile sales.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Communication

Utilize HandiFox mobile sales management to stay connected to your clients. You can directly email and fax invoices, receipts, and sales orders. Being able to connect with your clients is a timely fashion will build a greater bond and client loyalty. This will also allow you to maximize your employee’s time by giving them resources that are easy to use and effective for success.

Utilize Prime Payment Service

Have you or any of your employees ever been out in the field and excited to sell a product to someone but then all of the sudden had no way to make it official because you did not have the proper payment tools? Maybe your company uses an old system that only works at their desk. Or you have a company standard of using an old electronic and paper copy of payment. HandiFox offers all of the resources you need to for a smooth and effective selling process with their solutions and products. You will be able to save time and quickly make the client happy with their new order. These days everything is delivered immediately because of advanced technology, we help you stay ahead of the game with our top quality mobile sales solution.

Maintain Perfect Inventory Organization

Our solutions and products will help you always know your inventory right in the palm of your hand. Not only is this good general information but extremely important for selling products. Have you ever had to say “Let me check if we have that for you, I’ll get back to you later”. You have just turned off your client because now they have to wait for any information from you. With HandiFox inventory management, it will now take from getting back to them in days and risking the loss of a sale to an answer in seconds and an immediate sale.

Sell & Succeed With HandiFox

We are proud to offer you solutions that will help you with not only the above results but also so much more success. Your options are endless with HandiFox. Visit our solutions and products page to learn more about our system.
We are always happy to help so please feel free to contact us for any questions.
Stay tuned for more HandiFox tips!

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