What’s New in HandiFox Desktop?

What’s New in HandiFox Desktop?

August 07, 2017

Despite a global switch to online software and a big interest in HandiFox Online, we have seen no decline in demand for HandiFox Desktop – and this is not surprising given the app offers much more mobility than traditional desktop software does. A fresh update from our development team – a new version of HandiFox Desktop is out.

HandiFox Desktop 6.12 contains the following enhancements:

·        A BackOrdered items window has been added to provide superior tracking of back orders that need to be fulfilled. With this window at hand, an inventory business can respond to insufficient supplies and make sure an order can be completed much quicker. The window listing back-ordered items for a selected period of time can be found in Admin -> Reports -> Backordered Items.

It also allows users to print the list, create a Purchase Order or transfer items from one inventory site to another.


·        Another improvement has been made in the Printer Settings on the handheld device. Now users can configure several printers and choose the one that they need in the Print Preview window. It is also made possible to send reports to Android Print Service for printing. The latter option is available on Android 5 and higher. The Print Services can be downloaded from Google Play.


 These changes are available right now for all annual support subscribers. There will be more updates in August, so stay tuned!