What to expect from inventory management software in the short and long term?

What to expect from inventory management software in the short and long term?

December 08, 2021

To fight off fierce competition, smaller businesses have to make sure things go like clockwork on the inventory management side of things. In the long run, the only way to make this happen is to adopt inventory management software. What to expect from the transition to automated inventory control in the short and long term? In this blog post, HandiFox users share their experience of using the app and how it turned things around for them.

Short-term changes

Aligned inventory and accounting

HandiFox became very handy for us when we could not achieve some of the features with QuickBooks. It integrates very well with QuickBooks. Handifox understood our business and had a very good response to help us.

Aytach, Delphia Distribution (using HandiFox since 2016)

24/7 data availability

Thanks to Handifox, we can enter orders directly into our phone from anywhere in the world. We dont have to sit at one computer that everyone shares.

Kurt Casas, KC Auto Body Supply (using HandiFox since 2012)

Barcoded inventory

Handifox really helped us in managing our inventory in a much more systematic manner and using a barcode scanner. With the addition of Handifox we are now able to attach barcodes and scan each product in or out and sync it easily with Quickbooks.

Avenue Sound (using HandiFox since June 2021)

Streamlined inventory tracking, purchasing, and sales

It does so much more than keeping inventory. It will streamline your entire sales process. You can keep track of multiple sites, assign bin locations inside of your warehouse to easily locate items, assign barcodes to your clients, and the list goes on and on. We have over 9,000 products and Handifox has allowed us to get our entire warehouse in order and keep track of all of our inventory levels with ease. We can even enter reorder points and have purchase orders generated when stock levels hit the desired reorder level.

David Scott, Gulfstream Lures & Distribution (using HandiFox since 2020)

Improved order fulfillment

I cannot begin to tell you the amount of time this has saved myself and my team. Not only has it saved us time during invoicing but during the whole process of order picking. HandiFox has also increased accuracy and made mispicks a thing of the past.

Doug Dixon, GrimmSpeed (using HandiFox since March 2021)

Quite frankly I am not sure we could have made it through this Covid surge in business without it. The order picking accuracy and speed that it creates is a game-changer.

Holmes Seed (using HandiFox since 2019)

Long-term changes:

Synchronized and agile work of all departments

Our company has 8 employees, and everyone uses the system. Our Sales/Delivery staff use the system to do field sales and invoice on the road. The accounting staff uses the QuickBooks desktop interface daily, and the warehouse staff uses the program to receive products, as well as pick and pack orders.

Tevan Enterprises (using HandiFox since 2018)

Saved money and effort

HandiFox we now have standardized inventory across all locations, with the necessary insight and control into every purchase, enabling us to optimize our supply run rates in turn saving budget

Peter Amato, Easy Mile Fitness (using HandiFox since 2019)

The technological partner that understands your business

Handifox has been a great asset for our company for the last 7 years. I am not sure we could handle our business volume today without it.

Romulo R., Forte Distribution (using HandiFox since 2014)

Aside from the program itself and how helpful it has been, I now compare every customer service experience that I have to the exceptional service that I received from HandiFox! I think that says a lot!

Danielle Gensch, American Medicals (using HandiFox since 2020)

These and other 300+ companies have seen their businesses change dramatically over the years of using HandiFox. This didn’t happen overnight, so don’t wait any longer to try automated inventory management. Sign up for a free trial of HandiFox Online or HandiFox Desktop now.

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