Where you should be looking for software to streamline your business

Where you should be looking for software to streamline your business

May 02, 2016

Where you should be looking for software to streamline your business.jpgOnce we had a very curious conversation with an owner of a plumbing company. We speculated on how to look for and choose a suitable software solution to get a grip on inventory levels and automate inventory and sales workflows in the company. His take on that was as follows – to see what systems his competitors have in place would be the first thing to do. And it does make sense, doesn’t it? In this blog post, we decided to give a short rundown of resources you should be using to pick the right business software to streamline your business.

Software comes in all shapes and sizes – you can hardly expect to become an expert in every type of business software available. Instead, you might want to consider collecting as much firsthand information as possible, resorting to diverse resources:

1) Gather competitive intelligence. The guy we had this thought-provoking conversation with couldn’t be more right – it is just wise to find out what type of business software businesses like yours are utilizing to tackle similar matters and how it works for them.

2) Your CPA’s recommendation is also worth taking into consideration. CPAs are normally very knowledgeable and savvy with technology that integrates with your accounting system, so they can be absolutely trusted with helping you find the one that suits your business needs.

3) Educate yourself about existing options by browsing through:

  • Business review websites (Capterra, G2 Crowd, SoftwareAdvice and others). Many of them make comparison charts/grids - check those out. Read real users’ reviews – this is where you would learn about the perks and drags of a software solution.
  • Industry websites (AccountingWeb.com), online forums (like Small-Business-Forum.net ) and magazines (CPA Practice Advisor )
  • Industry expo/shows/conferences like Accountex USA or Scaling New Heights, conferences in accounting technology. You might want just to visit the website and check out the list of exhibitors. Here is another one.
  • Communications companies like Sleeter Group have an Awesome App Award Program which recognizes best apps based on the expert panel’s evaluation and on visitors’ votes. Have a look at the nominees and winners lists.
  • Vendor website, customer interviews/case studies.

Besides knowing where to look, you must be 100% about what you are looking for, that is which options are within your budget range, licensing type, functionality, implementation and so forth. There is quite a list of points for consideration which you can read more about here.

Should you be willing to know what a proper inventory management system should contain, check this post out.

Looking to buy business software? You are not looking for a, as it will later turn out, shoddy solution that causes you to break the bank, are you? Therefore, be prepared for a long but eventually beneficial journey.

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