Why Join the HandiFox Partner Program?

Why Join the HandiFox Partner Program?

January 23, 2017

The potential of joining and being part of a partner community still remains underestimated and, therefore, hidden for many business people. Fortunately, there are a lot more of those who find partner programs a truly efficient business strategy and a huge asset. We definitely side with the latter and here is why.

  1. By joining a partner community you can generate some mutual business. Some joined efforts and gaining access to new ecosystems of potential clients might result in attracting more prospects, delivering real value to both sides. We at HandiFox never hesitate to refer our potential or existing customers to the QuickBooks consultants we know and trust!
  2. Increased expertise for both parties. By learning through each other’s experience and having access to the resources and skill-sets that you are lacking but your partners have and are willing to share, you get a tremendous chance to empower our own expertise. If you are a business or IT consultant, partnering with business software vendors can dramatically extend your offerings, make your profile well-rounded and help you provide clients with the right solutions to a diversity of business problems, sparing them a long search on the Internet and all the hassle.
  3. Clients get extra hands on care. We never ever leave our partners high and dry to deal with problems, if their clients face an issue or lack understanding of the product or require immediate help/training. Knowing what a great responsibility and commitment partnership is, we are grateful to our partners for bridging the gap between our technology and its users.
  4. Extended network. Broadening your network is key to growing visibility!
  5. Increased revenue. A simple word-of-mouth recommendation can bring you some extra cash, not to mention how beneficial money wise reseller discounts are!

The HandiFox Partner Program is designed for QuickBooks ProAdvisors and resellers, as well as CPAs, business consultants, software/hardware distributors, and content publishers. We have also seen our referral traffic grow through client-to-client testimony when some of our existing customers referred their friends to us.

HandiFox offers 3 partnership options:

  1. Affiliate Partner Program
  2. Referral Partner Program
  3. Reseller Partner Program

Choose how much you would like to be involved. Start reaping the benefits of the HF Partner Program now by learning more about our Partner Program here and filling out the form on our website. Our Partner Account Manager will contact you shortly.

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