You don’t have to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise to get advanced inventory control

You don’t have to upgrade to QuickBooks Enterprise to get advanced inventory control

April 06, 2020

Inventory-oriented QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier customers are faced with an apparent feature gap that these software editions have with regards to inventory functionality. In their attempts to get a better control of their stock, small businesses consider upgrading to the Platinum edition of QuickBook Enterprise which, from the inventory functionality standpoint, is by far the most powerful financial software by Intuit. The subscription for the Platinum package starts at $1940 yearly. What if we said you wouldn’t have to pay that much to get that advanced inventory functionality?

HandiFox Desktop covers your advanced inventory needs while letting you keep using the less costly Pro or Premier. You are killing two birds with one stone!


One software for everything

From the admin side of things, having one system for accounting, inventory, payroll and taxes is a delight. But, hey.. reality check – every company is unique in the ways it is doing things or needs to see things done, so all-in-ones like QuickBooks Enterprise are hardly ever a magic bullet.

Small businesses using HandiFox Desktop rather than QuickBooks for their inventory control feel content with how seamlessly HandiFox is built into QuickBooks. The systems even share one interface, talking to and syncing with one another, each responsible for what it can do best – QuickBooks handles finances, HandiFox inventory and order fulfillment.

Multi-location tracking and stock transfers

The ability to track inventory across multiple locations is critical to any business with 1+ warehouses. QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Advanced inventory happens to be the only package that allows multi-location tracking.

Despite the limitations of QuickBooks Desktop Pro/Premier, HandiFox allows setting up inventory sites, tracking stock movements and inventory levels across any number of locations. You will also be able to transfer inventory from site to site, confirm the receipt of transferred inventory into the destination warehouse, and see all related changes to on-hand inventory immediately. All of this is possible thanks to the wireless syncing of the mobile devices with your QuickBooks+HandiFox tandem in the office.


The Platinum edition introduced one of the key efficiency-drivers for inventory processes – barcode scanning and generation. To make use of it, you need to equip your warehouse workers with a Zebra MC40 or an Android device paired with a Bluetooth barcode scanner, and upload the QuickBooks Desktop Warehouse app which comes with the Platinum subscription at no cost.

HandiFox Desktop allows scanning, recording, generating and printing barcodes through its mobile app which works with bluetooth scanners as well. It also lets you use the device’s camera for scanning, ultimately reducing the overhead costs. HandiFox employs mobile barcode scanning for quicker item lookup, identification, stock receipt, inventory counting, generating purchase/sales orders and invoices, picking and packing.

Inventory receipt

QuickBooks Desktop Warehouse app lets your warehouse team receive stock against purchase orders which can be filtered by number, site or vendor.

HandiFox mobile app does exactly the same it lets you scan received inventory, synchronize your mobile device with QuickBooks and, by doing so, immediately update the quantity on hand.

Cycle counts

The Platinum edition has a ‘Cycle Counts’ feature to aid you in chasing down stock level discrepancies and carrying out quick health checks of your inventory whenever it needs one.

HandiFox automatically counts results and formulates a list that can be reviewed, corrected, or voided by the manager. Once approved, the results are added to QuickBooks as inventory adjustments. If the Internet connection is spotty or intermittent, the counting progress can be saved locally on the device and synced back to the office computer later on.


Platinum's “Pick, Pack and Ship” feature lets you assign pick/pack/ship jobs to the mobile devices for your warehouse team to fulfill. There is also the new “Express Pick-Pack” option which allows combining picking and packing roles to save time on the verification process.

HandiFox gets you all of this plus the ability to view pick/pack jobs sorted by order number or date – comes in handy when you have hundreds of them during the day and need to priorotize. You have the ability to skip packing for speed, and have Invoices generated automatically based on packed orders. Pick Lists and Packing slips can be sent to wireless printers directly from the handheld.

Serial/lot number tracking

Serials and lots are tracked down to specific customers, purchase, transfer and sales transactions in QuickBooks Enterprise Platinum.

In HandiFox Desktop they can be associated with products and are searchable but their on hand quantity is not tracked.

More users

Platinum offers the ability to use the system by up to 40 users simultaneously which, most likely, is a little too many for most of the businesses of this size. However, if you carry inventory in multiple warehouses and have a team of over 5 people with a need for QuickBooks access, Platinum is your only choice from what QuickBooks offers. As said earlier, the cost of having the Platinum edition for one user starts at $1940 per year.

The cost for one device with a permanent HandiFox Desktop Sales is $1495. The software remains in your use for as long as you stay committed to QuickBooks Desktop, whether you upgrade to its newer versions or not. 

KC Body Shop Supply, KPS Tools, Xtreme Solutions and many other HandiFox users have been exploiting this opportunity to save and are still happy with their decision.

If you are too small for Enterprise, but Pro and Premier are too scarce for your inventory needs, take a trial now to see how HandiFox Desktop can extend their reach without having to spend thousands of dollars yearly. In case you are thinking of moving to QuickBooks Online, we have the online version that you can rely on to handle your stock while maintaining the link to the accounting side.

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