Food and Beverage Inventory Control

HandiFox™ is an intuitive and affordable warehouse management software that has been successfully used by food and beverage companies to do inventory management, on-the-road sales, mobile tracking and keep an accurate and transparent record of daily transactions. 

In the highly regulated environment, many F&B operators seek to tighten control and have better inventory and shipment visibility. The HandiFox food and beverage inventory control app provides a turnkey solution, which makes it easy to:

  • Have immediate access to the detailed real-time SKU information for purchasing decisions (on-hand, on-order, reorder quantity).
  • Manage complex sales orders and quickly synchronize all the relevant data with QuickBooks® software.
  • Track the inventory movement, location and lot numbers to effectively manage and meet tight delivery schedule for perishable items.
  • Utilize multiple location tracking to achieve an unprecedented level of flexibility in food inventory control. Truck inventory can also be easily managed.
  • Receive/ship/purchase/invoice items and print bar code labels using the app’s barcoding capabilities.
  • Automate physical inventory

HandiFox™ helps food and beverage distribution businesses of all sizes increase profits and efficiencies and is perfect for:

  • Vending machine businesses
  • Food & beverage manufacturers
  • Wholesale produce distributors
  • Wholesale grocery distributors
  • Wholesale wine & spirits distributors
  • Wholesale meat and seafood distributors

Below are some of the companies that already implemented HandiFox food and beverage inventory control. Feel free to contact them for references or check our case studies.

  • Adagio Acres
  • H2O International - Somerset West
  • Beepats Ltd
  • Grab It and Go
  • Louisiana Bait Products, LLC
  • Joseph Antognoli & Co
  • Sun Fat Corporation
  • Asli Fine Foods

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