Medical and Healthcare

HandiFox™ presents a wide number of inventory management, inventory control, and sales management tools for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The software allows to easily manage your medical equipment & supply by tracking location of the inventory, tying it to the purchase orders, creating invoices and sale orders, scanning, and tracking on the fly.

All of the data can be synchronized in real time with QuickBooks® inventory so operations and accounting always have the latest information on sales and supply pipeline.

The solution can be used by:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Pharmaceutical distributors
  • Medical equipment manufacturers
  • Medical equipment distributors

With HandiFox™, picking and sale order fulfilment becomes a breeze as one can use barcode scanners and mobile inventory tracking software to determine which items should be scanned for every order.

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Do you use QuickBooks Online? Check out our cloud inventory management app HandiFox Online

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