HandiFox DESKTOP Partner Program:


up to 40% discount on HandiFox products

- Dedicated Partner manager
- Extensive Product training
- Technical support
- HandiFox full-featured license for FREE
- Listing on HandiFox website


10% commission for successful sale

- Get paid for referral leads that converted into sales by HandiFox sales team
- Private Partner account
- Access to pre-approved marketing materials (banners, e-mail labels)

HandiFox online partner program:


up to 20% discount for HandiFox products

- Dedicated Partner manager
- Extensive Product training
- Technical support
- HandiFox full-featured license for FREE

- Listing on HandiFox website


10% commission for successful sale

- Earn money for referred leads converted into sale by HandiFox team
- Private Partner's account
- Access to marketing and sales collateral (brochures, banners, logo, etc.)

Partner Program Guide


Q: Who is HandiFox Partner Program for?
A: It is designed for QuickBooks ProAdvisors, Inventory experts, Accountants, technology and financial consultants looking to offer a third-party mobile inventory and sales management solution to QuickBooks users.

Q: What is the target HandiFox customer profile? 
A: The customer has from one to multiple locations where their products are stored. They are looking for a barcode-enabled system to receive, count, ship, and sell goods on the go. The annual turnover of HandiFox user is up to $ 1 000 000. Whether a customer needs a third-party inventory app for QuickBooks or a standalone Inventory Management solution, they can fit HandiFox into their working processes nicely. 

Q: Why do I have to sign up for the Partner Program?
A: The Partner status allows you to utilize pre-approved marketing materials, get a free full-featured license of/access to the software for demo purposes, comprehensive tech support and dedicated Partner manager.

Q: What is the difference between HandiFox Desktop and HandiFox Online?
A: The difference lies in the version of QuickBooks the software integrates with - QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online respectively. Be sure to check the Pricing and features of HandiFox Desktop and HandiFox Online.

Can HandiFox work stand-alone?

A: HandiFox Desktop relies on QuickBooks Desktop to share inventory, customer and vendor information with the software but also allows making new entries and populating transactions, and keeping things in sync with QuickBooks at all times. 
HandiFox Online is available as a standalone product and allows working with 
inventory and sales transactions independently from QuickBooks, though it is still possible to connect to QuickBooks Online company file and maintain transaction-level synchronization. 

Q: How much time does HandiFox Desktop deployment and commissioning take?
A: Usually, it takes up to 2 hours.

Q: I have a prospective customer for your product. How do I share their contacts?
A: Please contact our Partner manager for assistance or Submit a partnership request. After registering and signing the Agreement you will get access to your partner account and leave-a-lead form.

Q: Do you provide Product training for Resellers?
A: Yes, it is an integral part of onboarding and key to a fruitful and a mutually beneficial partnership.

Q: Does your Partner Program entail any membership fees?
A: No, participation is completely free.

Q: Do you provide Partners with a product license?
A: Yes, each reseller partner is provided with their own full featured license for free.

Q: Can HandiFox Desktop be hosted?
A: Yes, check the "Find a consultant" table for the HandiFox approved hosts.

Q: Is HandiFox available outside of the US?
A: Yes, it is available worldwide.

Q: What operating systems are supported?
A: HandiFox runs on Android. iOS is currently not supported!

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Country State Company Type of business Contact e-mail Phone
USA California GoToMyERP QuickBooks hosting/HandiFox approved Host Robert Eppele robert.e@gotomyerp.com 877-888-5525,x704
USA Washington Insynq QuickBooks hosting/HandiFox approved Host Jacob Reeves jacob.reeves@insynq.com (866) 246-8554,x3719
USA Florida DeploIT Group QuickBooks hosting/HandiFox approved Host Oswaldo Diaz odiaz@deploitgroup.com (305) 671-3433
USA California CBR Technology QuickBooks consulting/Technology consulting Christian Riechert christian@cbrtechnology.com (415) 857-4789
USA Illinois Barcodes Inc QuickBooks consulting/Barcoding Hardware Mike Elsenheimer melsenheimer@barcodesinc.com (312) 765-8868
USA Maryland Barcode Shack QuickBooks consulting/Barcoding Hardware Bob Hogan bob.hogan@barcodeshack.com 800-662-1715, x701
Canada OCR a Barcodes Inc company QuickBooks consulting/Barcoding Hardware/ Solution Integrators/ Wireless Specialists Reg Jones info@ocr.ca (905) 475-5505, x285
Barbados St. Michael Integrated Payment Systems QuickBooks consulting Chad Small chad.small@qbcaribbean.com (246) 833-0698
Jamaica Simon Palmer & Associates QuickBooks consulting Clive Palmer cpalmer200@yahoo.com (876) 978-3750
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Valeyron Tech Support SRL QuickBooks consulting Rafael Santana valeyron@gmail.com (829) 639-4987